Julia Ioffe on Stormer Troll Army: “A Whole Army Seems to Have Been Snapped Into Action”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 30, 2016

Julia Ioffe

Julia Ioffe


Stormer Troll

Take a bow, brothers.

Julia Ioffe (Yulia Yaffy) appeared on PRI to talk about being “harassed” by the Stormer Troll Army, and she referred to us as an “army.”


Best parts:

Basically, I woke up to find that the Daily Stormer, which is a white supremacist website, wrote a piece saying that I had attacked Empress Melania, the wife of their glorious leader — those are their words, not mine — and they basically asked everyone to send me a tweet, saying how it made them feel.

I was getting some pretty vile images in my email and Twitter feed. You know, caricatures of Jews being shot, execution-style; a Back To The Future poster re-done as Back To The Oven; suggesting I would look good on a lampshade.

While the tweets are disgusting and egregious, what’s been weirder has been the phone calls that I’ve been getting even late into the night regarding inquires I had supposedly left about caskets and homicide clean-ups at my house.

The volume, and the way that basically a whole army seems to have been snapped into action, is more disconcerting to me than the specific phone calls, because it makes me think that, given Donald Trump’s hostility to the press, suggesting that we loosen our libel laws so it’s easier to go after journalists; getting people at his rallies to boo at the press; constantly vilifying journalists and attacking them … the question is, what does this imply for our country, and the healthiness of our public discourse, and the freedom of our press.

I don’t think and I don’t know that Melania Trump sent these anti-Semitic trolls to my virtual doorstep. But she did express displeasure with my article. She named me. And this is what happened. This has happened to journalists before me, and I’m sure it will happen again.

Let it be known, Jews: if you go against us, you will end up with hurt feelings from mean words.

By the way: It would be great if someone could take that interview and make an MLG video. We should always celebrate our conquests.


The Stormer Troll Army: We ride for the God Emperor, cleansing the galaxy of Necron filth in His Holy Name.