Juice Wrld’s Plane was Filled with Drugs and Weapons, Had a Seizure from Stress of the Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2019

It turns out, Juice Wrld was at least trying to be a real nigga and roll deep.

He just couldn’t take the heat.

CBS Chicago:

A first look inside the private plane of rapper Juice WRLD.

He died after suffering a seizure at Chicago’s Midway Airport Sunday.

As CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reported Monday, they were traveling with more than just drugs.

Posted on social media, casual moments on board Juice WRLD’s private jet gave no indication of the blockbuster news that was yet to come.

Hours later the promising young rapper from the south suburbs would suffer a seizure at Midway’s Atlantic Aviation hangar.

But startling pictures, obtained by TMZ, show why federal authorities were taking a closer look at the flight. Seventy pounds of cannabis found inside 41 vacuumed sealed bags.

Police said they were discovered by Illinois State Police K-9s after arrival. Chicago police report no one from the plane claimed ownership of the luggage.

It was about that time Juice WRLD went into a seizure. He has spoken openly about his struggle with drugs and police are investigating reports he was taking pills on board.

A homeland security officer administered Narcan to the 21-year-old but he later died at Advocate Christ Medical Center. In addition to the cannabis, authorities also discovered six prescription bottles of liquid codeine, three firearms, and metal piercing bullets.

Juice WRLD’s 27-year-old bodyguard, Harry Dean, who has permission to carry a gun, was arrested because he also possessed a prohibited high capacity magazine.

Another man, 36-year-old Christopher Long from the South Side is also charged with misdemeanor weapons possession.

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