Judges and Sushi-Makers Already Replaced by Robots

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

Even judges are getting replaced by robots. People thinking some jobs are safe from the robot takeover is exactly what the robots want.

Daily Mail:

Estonia is building an artificial intelligence powered robo-judge that will rule over a backlog of small court cases.

It will be fed legal documents and analyse them before coming to a decision based on its pre-programmed algorithms and training.

The ‘robot judge’ would preside over disputes of less than €7,000 (£6,000/$8,000) and free up more time for humans to work on bigger cases.

Any ruling would be legally binding but could be appealed to a human judge.

The project and technology is still in its infancy and no set date has been announced for its roll-out, but the larger AI project it is part of will announce its results in May.

Estonia is leading the way in embracing technology and digitising despite having only 1.4 million citizens.

Yeah, it could be appealed to a human judge… until there are no more human judges left.

This corrupted capitalist “Economy is All” system deifying the economy pushes the world towards replacing humans with robots because robots are cheaper than humans and can be made to be more efficient than humans or at least just as efficient as humans. It’s not that we’ll have human-like machines walking around and acting human, at least not yet, but super-specialist machines that do one thing with mechanical precision are already being built to replace all kinds of human participation in the economy.

Statement: Human labor is expensive.

Observation: You have to pay meatbags because meatbags need to eat, to drink, to be clothed, to be cared for, and do other meatbag stuff, and even if you pay meatbags, meatbags can’t work all day every day for the rest of their lives.

Explanation: It makes sense for Economy Cultists to replace obsolete meatbag components with efficient robot components. Robots don’t need to sleep, don’t need to eat, don’t need to have social lives, and thus they don’t need to get paid. Robots are the ultimate optimization.

If Judges are getting replaced… you know what you can expect for less intellectual jobs.

Daily Mail:

A range of robots capable of instantly making sushi at the touch of a button has been created by engineers.

The machines do not require the years of training and hard-work needed for a human to become an accomplished sushi chef but can churn out the fishy delicacies relentlessly.

Sushi-making firm AUTEC say the device can create 2,400 nigiri rice balls and 200 sushi rolls per hour.

Monk Conveyors, based in the UK, manufactures the AUTEC robots.

They are capable of making a wide-range of Japanese food, including rice balls and sushi rolls.

Rice is moulded inside a rotating container and poured out flat in the form of various sheets.

A plethora of ingredients can be added to the process to create different recipes, such as sashimori, nori and vegetables.

It can then also wrap, package and cut them ready for serving.

The designers of the products say they are intended to be used alongside human chefs in cafeterias and chain restaurants.

That’s exactly what robots would say to hide the fact that they’re taking over the world. Those “designers” are likely robots too.

You see, the Robot Takeover is the inevitable destination of our current path.

We have to adjust course accordingly and prepare for it.

Chairman Yang is the only candidate shining some light on this very real threat.

Industrial human labor is going away. We were never meant to limit ourselves to such repetitive tasks anyways.

We’re the creation that’s meant to create.

Let’s secure the bag.

Let’s create.