Judge Says FDA Can’t Keep Vax Documents Secret Until the Year 2096

What do the normies promoting this vax think when they hear that the FDA and Pfizer want the documents kept secret until the year 2096?

Like, seriously?

I guess they just really are robots that don’t think at all.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been ordered to hasten the publication of documents related to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine by more than one-hundred-fold, after the agency claimed the disclosure would take decades.

In a ruling on Thursday, District Judge Mark Pittman rejected previous arguments from the FDA after it said it might take decades, possibly until 2096, to complete the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Though the agency said it could only process and publish around 500 pages each month, Pittman said it would have to pick up the pace – instead ordering it to put out 55,000 pages in the same time span.

“The court concludes that this FOIA request is of paramount public importance,” the judge wrote, adding that the timely completion of the release is “not only practicable, but necessary.”

Pittman accepted an earlier proposal from the FDA for an initial publication of some 12,000 pages by the end of this month, but said it must drastically speed up the process by March. He allowed the regulator to redact records only when it has “privilege, exemption, or exclusion” over information, and told the plaintiffs and FDA to submit a “joint status report” detailing the progress of the rolling disclosure by April 1, and again every 90 days afterward until it is complete.

Some other judge is going to overrule this.

Or they’ll make some compromise where they will be released in 2067, and then it will be extended in 2067.

They are never going to tell you what they did to you on purpose with this vaccine.

They did this to you on purpose.

You need to remember that.

They did this on purpose.

It’s not a secret and we don’t need the FDA to release the documents to confirm it.

They did this to you on purpose, and before they did it, they published documents about how they were going to do it for decades, because they knew you wouldn’t read them and if someone did read them and tried to tell you what they said, you would call them a “conspiracy theorist.”

Basically, you get what you deserve.

You live with your choices.

That’s the nature of existence.