Judge Rules Mueller Can Prosecute More Russians for Allegedly Posting Memes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2018

The neverending story continues to not end.

ABC News:

A U.S. district judge ruled on Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s case against a Russian firm allegedly involved in the state-sponsored effort to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election can proceed, denying the firm’s motion to dismiss for a second time.

Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, which is purportedly owned by a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is among the three Russian entities and 13 individuals who were indicted in February on charges related to the alleged interference operation.

Concord, which has pleaded not guilty to a conspiracy charge, is specifically accused of funding an infamous St. Petersburg “troll factory” that prosecutors say created hundreds of fake social media accounts in which Russians pretended to be Americans online to sow discord, inspire doubt in democratic institutions and support then-candidate Donald Trump.

In a motion to dismiss filed in July and in oral arguments last month, an American law firm Reed Smith representing Concord argued that the special counsel was trying to charge the firm with the “made up” crime of misrepresenting yourself online and engaging in political speech.

“This argument is beyond belief,” Concord’s lead attorney Eric Dubelier told the court in October. “They want to regulate what people say on the internet.”

Yeah, using a fake name on the internet to engage in political speech is a made up crime, obviously. But it’s a crime now, because Mueller made it up and a federal judge approved it as something you can be prosecuted for. I have no idea what kind of precedent this is going to set.

But obviously, anyone with an account on social media who is posting political content without using their real name is now potentially subject to federal prosecution.

As I’ve explained already ten million times, Mueller, Rosenstein and federal judges have also decided that it is illegal for someone from another country to support an American political candidate on the internet.

Without even mentioning the Jews here, that would mean that South African immigrant Trevor Noah’s heavily partisan “Daily Show” is now illegal. As is the “Last Week Tonight” with British immigrant John Oliver.

I don’t know if Mueller himself will be indicting these hosts, but it is 100% clear based on the precedent that federal judges are approving that these shows are now illegal. At least it’s illegal to post these shows on the internet (and presumably to stream them on Netflix). I don’t know if it is illegal to show them on television – we’d have to ask Robert Mueller. Regrettably, even while creating all of these new laws – in fact, creating entirely new branches of law – he doesn’t do interviews, so no one really knows what’s going on.

I just can’t hardly even take it anymore. It’s just gotten to be too much.

This “investigation” was supposed to be about Donald Trump getting involved in a conspiracy with Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 election by exposing all the criminal shit going on with the Clinton campaign by leaking John Podesta and the DNC’s emails. That was somehow related to a document – now admitted to have been faked by Hillary Clinton and spread throughout the government by John Brennen – about Trump doing something with urinating hookers in Moscow years earlier.

(That same fake document was used by the Obama Administration to illegally acquire a FISA warrant to spy on Trump – something which has never been investigated let alone prosecuted.)

Then it was about Trump “obstructing justice” by making some comment to Mueller about General Flynn.

Then it was about a porn star.

Then it was about an ostrich jacket.

Then eventually – after being about several other things I can’t even remember right now – it became about Russians posting memes on social media. And it’s stayed on that topic for… what? Eight months?

And now we’re indicting more people for conspiring to meme?

If you just stand back and look at this series of events, separate from the insane media justifications for each subsequent development, it is the craziest fucking thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

Like, it couldn’t be the plot of an episode of Robot Chicken.

A producer would look at the script and say, “yeah, it’s pretty funny, but it’s just too weird and retarded.”

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