Judge Reinstates Abortion Ban in Texas

Chaos in the abortion industry in Texas today…

New York Times:

A federal appeals court panel reinstated Texas’ restrictive abortion law late Friday, temporarily restoring a ban on virtually all procedures that had been blocked by a lower court two days earlier in a case brought by the Biden administration.

The decision by three judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in a terse two-page ruling granting a stay as it considers an appeal by the state of Texas, had been expected by many abortion providers. While at least six clinics in Texas had begun conducting abortions beyond the limits of the new law this week, most of the state’s roughly two dozen providers had opted not to take that step as the case moved through the courts.

I maintain that this is intended to be a distraction, and that it will continue to dominate headlines as all these more important things are happening everywhere.

Abortion is the number one emotional trigger issue for both sides of the political divide.

On one side you have people who think it’s disgusting that women who are incapable of engaging in responsible sexual behavior should be able to murder infants.

On the other side you have unhinged whores who believe that no action they take should ever have consequences.

The dichotomy between a belief in the sanctimony of human life and the desire to get railed by hordes of men leads to serious emotional peaks.

Obviously, with total Democrat control over the country, there is no possible future of a long term ban on abortion anywhere. They’ve already said they will throw out any SCOTUS ruling they don’t like. But this is just such a great way to distract both sides.

I have not been able to talk to anyone in my personal life, or on the internet, who is able to see how much of a distraction this is. Everyone just lines up on a side.

Still, imagine you’re a baby with a drill coming towards your head to drill a hole in your skull through which to suck out your brains and just at the last moment the government issues a pause on murdering infants like this, and you get to be born alive.

Instead of crying, like normal newborns do, you probably instead start singing the theme song from Saved by the Bell.