Judge Orders the White House to Restore Press Credentials for Fake News Agitator Jim Acosta

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2018

CNN’s Jim Acosta is not a journalist. He’s a bought and paid for political agitator who is doing dirty work on behalf of his Jewish masters. He should not have a White House press pass. 

A federal judge just ruled that the White House must temporarily restore the press pass of the fake news agitator and CNN paid political activist Jim Acosta. This order comes pending a future trial on the matter.

Daily Mail:

A federal judge handed CNN a major victory on Friday, ruling that President Donald Trump White House must temporarily restore the press credentials it stripped from the network’s chief White House correspondent last week while a lawsuit plays out.

Judge Timothy Kelly ruled that Jim Acosta’s free-press rights under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outweigh ‘the government’s interest in orderly, respectful press conferences.’

He declared in a stinging defeat for the president in his war on ‘fake news’ that the White House failed to give Acosta ‘due process,’ something guaranteed in government proceedings under the Fifth Amendment.

And he suggested that the White House exaggerated its contention that Acosta physically interfered with a female intern last week as she tried to reclaim a press conference microphone.

Needless to say, this ruling is completely ridiculous and wrong. Acosta nor anybody else has a First Amendment right to a White House press pass. They especially do not have a First Amendment right to a White House press pass while breaking established protocols during a press conference. But despite that, this judge is making the case that Acosta not only has the right to a White House press pass but the right to break White House rules and protocols – under the First Amendment. This idea is so goofy and ridiculous that it’s hard to comprehend.

Even more ridiculous is the judge’s claim that revoking Acosta’s press pass violated “due process” under the Fifth Amendment. The concept of “due process” has to do with criminal legal proceedings. It has nothing to do with having certain occupational privileges revoked.

The White House press pass is not a right, it is a privilege granted to credentialed members of the media.

But if we are to entertain the idea that a White House press pass is a right, then why is a driver’s license considered to be privilege? It would seem that in today’s society, having a right to drive is far more pertinent than having a right to a White House press pass. Yet, nobody outside of a handful of libertarians are even attempting to make such an argument.

The judge based his ruling off of the Sherrill precedent. This involves the case of a reporter named Robert Sherrill who had the ACLU file a lawsuit on his behalf back in the 1970s over the issue of White House press credentials. He ultimately won the case on First Amendment and Fifth Amendment grounds.


“[…Denial of a White House press pass to a bona fide journalist violates the first amendment unless it furthers a compelling governmental interest identified by narrowly and specifically drawn standards. [….A]ppellants must publish or otherwise make publicly known the actual standard employed in determining whether an otherwise eligible journalist will obtain a White House press pass. […N]otice, opportunity to rebut, and a written decision are required because the denial of a pass potentially infringes upon first amendment guarantees. Such impairment of this interest cannot be permitted to occur in the absence of adequate procedural due process.”

It’s a flawed ruling, but even if you agree that the Sherrill case is legal precedent and must be followed, the case only applies to someone engaging in actual journalism. Does anybody actually believe that Acosta has been behaving like a journalist in his interactions with Sarah Sanders and the President of the United States? The footage clearly shows that he’s been engaging in political activism by masquerading as a journalist.

It’s not like CNN even believes in the First Amendment or the Fifth Amendment which makes this lawsuit even more comical. CNN has actively fought to prevent the Alt-Right and people like Alex Jones from speaking on the Internet. They also pushed this idea that Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of rape and sexual assault crimes based on unproven allegations alone.

But since the Sherrill precedent demands that the White House publish a standard to determine who is and isn’t eligible for press credentials, they could fix this mess fairly easily. All they have to do is modify the standard in such a way where every Jew-run fake news propaganda operation is banned from the White House grounds by default. This way it won’t look like they’re just singling out Acosta unfairly.

Even though Acosta is the worst of the bunch, the entire White House press pool is filled with political agitators who get paychecks from Jews. It’s best to find a way to have all of their credentials collectively revoked. This would leave far more credible news organizations like the Daily Stormer as the only one’s left asking the questions.

[Editor’s Note: Or Trump could just stop doing press conferences and replace them with YouTube livestreams with super chats. Make CNN donate to Trump 2020 every time they want to ask a question. -AA]