Judge Orders Proud Boys Leader to Stay Out of DC Ahead of Protest

This is what I told you about: banning protest leaders from protests is a standard third world tactic.

They come up with any random reason.

In the case of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, the reason is misdemeanor vandalism.

He was in jail, then released with an order to not attend the rally on Wednesday.

The Proud Boys didn’t really have a good time Tuesday night without their leader present, according to reports and videos. In fact, it appears that it was a disaster, with the Proud Boys fighting the cops.

What it looks like is that the Proud Boys are not capable of controlling themselves without their leader, and that is why the feds have made the executive decision to remove their leader from the Wednesday event.

So, I mean…

I guess we’re all going to know how this works out here in a few hours.

It’s looking like there’s a relatively strong possibility that the DC Stop the Steal rally is going to be an utter disaster. So, everyone – all of you – be careful. Don’t fight the cops. And if you get into a situation that seems dicey, get out of that situation. Always have a clear exit strategy.

And obviously, it goes without saying: DO NOT BRING A GUN and DO NOT DO ANYTHING VIOLENT, TO ANYONE. Even if you get attacked, we know from years of experience that you can get charged with federal crimes – and literally sent to prison – for defending yourself.


Unless of course Real President Donald Trump orders you to fight. I don’t think he’s going to, but anything I tell you to do should be overridden by anything the Commander-in-Chief tells you to do.

We’ll be covering the event on Daily Stormer. Be here early for the link (only foreigners allowed to watch – all Americans required to be at the event).ย