Joy Reid in Full Damage Control After Hoaxing Blog Hack to Cover Fag Hate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

Panic on the streets of Detroit

Panic on the streets of Baltimore

Panic on the streets of Atlanta

I wonder to myself

Will gays always hate me for this

A lucrative career is shut down

I wonder to myself…

Burn down the Wayback Machine

Burn down the Wayback Machine

Because the blogs they continue to find

Say nothing to you about my views

Blame the sneaky white folk

Blame the white folk

Blame the white folk

Blame the white folk

Fox News:

MSNBC star Joy Reid is in crisis mode as the liberal media turns on her and critics attempt to debunk her bizarre claim that hackers planted homophobic slurs on her now-defunct website to tarnish her name.

MSNBC has been stone silent since Mediaite reported this week that the “AM Joy” host blamed “an unknown, external party” for a newly uncovered batch of anti-gay comments that popped up on archived images of her old blog from 2003 through 2007. Reid apologized last year when homophobic comments made to the “Reid Report,” her pre-MSNBC fame blog, were first unearthed by a Twitter user and reported by Mediaite.

Things started to snowball for Reid on Tuesday evening when prominent LGBTQ organization PFLAG National rescinded its Straight for Equality in Media award to Reid amid the scandal. Shortly after PFLAG National’s announcement, liberal news organizations such as The New York Times and CNN began covering the story after initially avoiding it.

While NBC has yet to publicly acknowledge the scandal, the network reportedly distributed to friendly reporters an “undated, extremely vague” report from Reid’s independent security consultant.

I wrote about this yesterday.

Don’t really have any further comment.

Anyone who claimed they thought they could force blacks and gays to get along was Jewish and just trying to fuck up your society.

Thank God for Glenn Greenwald.

The one Jew who just wants to watch the whole thing burn.

This is also the beginning of a lucrative career in relevancy for Mediaite.

I hope.

I’ve always wanted them to succeed.

Seriously though, what a retarded nigger.

Why didn’t she ask someone who wasn’t black if it made sense to blame a hacker for this?

She could have blamed an intern like Ron Paul blamed an intern for saying niggers deserved to be shot in his newsletter.

Everyone knew it was a lie, but it was a plausible enough lie that it was like “okay well, whatever, let’s move on.”

An anti-black/pro-gay hacking conspiracy sounds so dumb that no one is going to let her off the hook for this.

When she gets fired she should go work for Infowars and get groped by Alex Jones.