Joy Reid Apologizes for Running Alt-Right Blog, Ditches Claims of Hacking

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

When MSNBC host Joy Reid came out and claimed that someone hacked into Wayback Machine archives of her blog to plant Alt-Right content in them, I was like “whoa, she must have not consulted a lawyer before making that claim…”

The crazy bitch even went so far as to claim she’d contacted the cops about the hacking. To be clear, the blog had been taken down, so these were just archives, and it was not clear in her statements whether or not she was claiming that her original site had been hacked a decade ago before it was taken down, or the archives themselves had been hacked.

The story was idiotic, something only a black person with zero understanding of the internets could have come up with.

Basically, “they did cyber on me.” She had obviously thought of it based on all the talk of “Russian hacking,” and just assumed that “hacking” is a magical explanation for anything that happens on the internet.

With the entire world saying “lolwat” to her hacking explanation, she decided to just go ahead and issue an apology, accepting that she had written the Alt-Right blogs, but did not even mention her previous “hacking” claims.

The content of the blog contained attacks on homosexuals, claims that the government did 911, suggestions that Moslems are savage rapist animals and the assertion that both political parties are controlled by Jews.

Pretty standard Alt-Right material.

She is 49 now, so she was writing this stuff in her late thirties.

But MSNBC is supporting her in her new apology.

The Hill:

MSNBC host Joy Reid apologized Friday afternoon for controversial content on her now-defunct blog.

MSNBC also issued a statement of support for Reid on Friday, coupled with a new statement from the host apologizing for her past blog posts but not taking ownership of all the posts allegedly written by her more than a decade ago.

The network said some of the things written on the blog, which have recently resurfaced, are “obviously hateful and hurtful.” Reid said she’s “sincerely apologizing again” for her past writings, but did not address her previous claim that the posts were a result of hacking.

Yeah, the first time she didn’t actually apologize, she just claimed that someone had “done the cyber” on her. Then she apologized while still claiming she didn’t do it. Then she apologized for maybe doing some of it.

Now she’s for the first time saying she did do it all, and is sorry for all.

“Some of the things written by Joy on her old blog are obviously hateful and hurtful,” the network said. “They are not reflective of the colleague and friend we have known at MSNBC for the past seven years. Joy has apologized publicly and privately and said she has grown and evolved in the many years since, and we know this to be true.”

Reid said in a lengthy statement that she is “deeply embarrassed by things I would have said differently and issues where my position has changed.”

“While I published my blog, starting in 2005, I wrote thousands of posts in real time on the issues of the day,” Reid said. “There are things I deeply regret and am embarrassed by, things I would have said differently and issues where my position has changed. Today I’m sincerely apologizing again.”

Reid, the host of “AM Joy” on weekends on MSNBC and a rising star at the network, also specifically addressed a photoshopped image posted of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) depicting him as the mass shooter who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007.

“To be clear, I have the highest respect for Sen. McCain as a public servant and patriot and wish him and his family the best,” she said. “I have reached out to Meghan McCain and will continue to do so. She is a former on-air colleague and I feel deeply for her and her family.”

Reid also addressed an old blog post that urged readers to view a documentary called “Loose Change,” which accused the U.S. government of carrying out the 9/11 attacks. The conspiracy documentary was co-produced by Infowars founder Alex Jones.


Good stuff.

I think a lot of stuff in that documentary may not have been accurate, precisely. But it’s a great meme.

“I’ve also spoken openly about my evolution on many issues and know that I’m a better person today than I was over a decade ago. I am the daughter of immigrants and have worked to be a strong ally of these communities. There is no question in my mind that Al Qaeda perpetrated the 9/11 attacks or about Israel’s right to its sovereignty,” Reid said.

Would not have supposed she was the daughter of immigrants.

But that maybe explains why she has a better work ethic and is way more woke that your average street nigga.

She also hated on Mexicans and wanted an “America First” style immigration policy.

Fox News:

The new batch of posts also revealed that Reid used to tout “America First” immigration policies and made anti-Semitic comments. Carlson revealed that Reid’s blog argued that, among other things, native-born Americans, not “low-paid Mexican workers” should rebuild New Orleans, agreed with Lou Dobbs on immigration, and even criticized flying the Mexican flag on U.S. soil.

The original blog posts, lest we forget, attacked homosexuals.

If you click through that Twitter thread, there are a whole bunch of screenshots. She opposed gay marriage, said she was disgusted by the sight of two men kissing, and accused a whole bunch of public figures, including politicians and sports stars, of being closeted homosexuals.

And there is more.

Daily Caller:

Newly revealed blog posts from MSNBC host Joy Reid show that she once promoted a disgusting attack on Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.

In a vicious post going after Ann Coulter titled, “Dear Mr. Coulter,” she ended the post by saying “And finally, here’s one hell of an idea.”

The “one hell of an idea” line is hyperlinked to another post from the blog “Brilliant at Breakfast” titled, “Can we send Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter to Iraq, put them in a public square and just leave them there?”

It’s not clear what exactly this blogger meant — it may have been a joke about the two women getting abused by Muslim men, a remark that could be seen as Islamophobic. It could have also been a joke about the two women living in a society that would oppress them.

The obvious implication is that they would be gang-raped by Islamic savages.

Like what happened to 60 minutes reporter Lara Logan, who was allegedly gang-sex assaulted while covering the fall of Mubarak in Egypt in 2011.

A Dutch reporter was also gang-raped in Egypt in 2013.

So Reid’s statements there were ultra-problematic. Being pro-rape AND suggesting that Moslems are rapists.

Pure Alt-Rightism.

She also called Ann a tranny.

Apart from that joke, Reid savaged Coulter in other ways. She said that Coulter had a “little Brownshirt heart,” calling her “Mr. Coulter.”

She also said about Coulter: “No one actually loves you — and particularly, no one loves you enough to actually breed with you (provided they could figure out whether you would, in fact, be supplying the sperm, or the egg…)”

All this, on top of praising a blogger that told Coulter to commit suicide.


But here’s the best part.

TheDC reported Thursday that Reid made inflammatory blog posts about Israel and supporters of the Jewish state in the media. Reid wrote that AIPAC was a “powerful lobbying group that holds the whip hand over Republican and Democratic [sic] members of Congress alike.”

She also accused Jewish journalist Wolf Blitzer of wearing an “AIPAC flak jacket.”

Both parties are controlled by JEWS.

The media is a tool of the JEWS.

Who would have thought that Joy Reid used to be so BASED?

And who would have thought that MSNBC would be defending such virulent hate content?

Just to summarize, Joy Reid promoted the following views:

  • Gays are disgusting
  • Gay marriage should be illegal
  • Many prominent politicians are closeted homosexuals
  • John McCain is a psychopathic serial killer
  • The Jews did 911
  • Women she disagrees with deserve to be raped
  • Moslems are savage gang-rapists
  • We need to crackdown on Mexican immigration
  • The Mexican flag should not be allowed to be flown on American soil
  • Jews control both parties of American politics
  • Jews control the media and use it to promote Jewish interests

I can’t find a single thing that I disagree with here.

If MSNBC does crack and decide to fire Reid, she’s welcome to come work for the Daily Stormer.

This is one BASED black chick.