Journalists in Panic! False Alarm Causes Mass Evacuation of USA Today News Building

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019

For some reason, journalists are feeling very skittish lately and seem to think that there are people out there that hate them enough to start attacking them.

I do NOT think that this is a justified fear.

Journo-killings aren’t a real problem in American society.

There have only been a couple of shooters who have targeted journalists in the US that I am aware of. The most famous recent shooting was in Annapolis, by a disgruntled non-White who believed that the journalists had defamed him.

And who could forget that one colored gentleman who shot up a reporter and her cameraman on live air?

Other than that, in the West generally, the only other high-profile targeting of journalists that comes to mind was done by the Moslems who targeted Charlie Hebdo.

So why are these American journos so skittish?

A guilty conscience maybe?

USA Today:

Heavily armed police officers evacuated USA TODAY’s headquarters in the Washington suburbs Wednesday after authorities said they received a report of a person with a weapon that ultimately proved to be unsubstantiated.

Fairfax County, Virginia, police reported that they had cleared the entire building without incident.

“This is a non-event,” said Fairfax County Police Chief Edwin Roessler Jr. “Everyone is safe, and I do not have any evidence that a crime was committed.”

Roessler said police had located a “person of interest” related to the case. The person was being questioned by police, but Roessler said the person was not linked to any crime.

Police received a call at 11:56 a.m., reporting that a man with gun was seen at the building, which holds the headquarters for USA TODAY, its parent company, Gannett Co., and offices for a variety of other businesses. The incident involved a company other than Gannett located in the building, Roessler said.

So basically, someone thought that they saw a gun and that set off a panic.

This brought a whole police army out in full battle-rattle. We’re talking all five stars in GTA tier here.

Alarms sounded inside the building early Wednesday afternoon as police squad cars, firetrucks and ambulances converged on the scene. Law enforcement officers with rifles and body armor searched stairwells and a helicopter hovered overhead as they escorted hundreds of employees out of the building.

Fairfax County police tweeted around noon that they were responding to reports of a man with a weapon at the building.

The overwhelming police response comes after the attack last year at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. A gunman burst into the newsroom there and killed five employees of the paper. News organizations, including USA TODAY, tightened security after that shooting.

Roessler said authorities “treated this event as though we had an active shooter.” 

This must have been very expensive for the police department. Extrapolating further, if lefties are skittish and start calling the police over false alarms, this will cost departments millions of dollars and either lead to them going bankrupt or no longer being able to respond every single time an alarm is raised.

I’m surprised that anarchists haven’t started employing this as a tactic, to be quite honest.

A climate of panic and terror could exhaust the resources of the police. This was actually a tactic used by the Moslems in Russia during the Chechen wars and, arguably, still now. People calling in false bomb threats and giving out false tips was a staple of the conflict in Northern Ireland as well.

So we have to tread carefully here, folks.

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