Journalists are a Cult

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2018

Journalists are best viewed as members of a cult that fancies themselves a priest class and is tasked with the role of being a priest class by the ruling Jewish elite.

Many journalists are themselves Jewish. If not most of them, then certainly there is a massive overrepresentation of Jews compared to their population by dozens fold. However, Jewishness is simply a part of the larger cult of journalism. The non-Jews within journalism associate just as strongly with the ruling Jewish elite as the Jewish journalists, as they recognize that their role in society is to promote the interests of this ruling class.

The recent killing of a Saudi Washington Post journalist and the reaction to Trump praising a Congressman for bodyslamming a Jewish journalist have really brought this issue into focus. You can see these people rallying around each other in a cultlike fashion, declaring themselves to be a sacred and specifically necessary part of the larger social order and demanding that the public view them as such.

When they talk about “attacks on journalists,” it is very similar to the way Jews talk about anti-Semitism. There is a vague implication that they are beyond reproach, due to a type of holiness. There is also an implication that they are selfless servants and protectors of normalcy.

One simply has to look at what they print and say on their shows to understand that they are serving the elite ruling class of Jews. However, it is not difficult to look at this thinking as the same kind of thinking that drove the priests of the Catholic Church. They felt that they were serving God and the divine order by promoting the beliefs of the Church, and journalists absolutely view the Jewish elite as the representatives of a kind of divine order.

They will cite the First Amendment as being exclusively designed for them, a specific class, while also aggressively opposing the idea of universal freedom of speech. In fact, they will use their power to silence anyone who opposes their very specific notions of the way society is supposed to work, of what is and is not true. This is very similar to the way the priests of old would appeal to a divine right, while accusing all who disagreed with them of heresy.

The solution to this problem is clearly laws which protect freedom of speech in America. A law that does that does exist in the form of the First Amendment, but as we know, the campaign by journalists and by Jews within the government and other institutions have effectively nullified any ability to speak freely in the United States.

The Daily Stormer and Alex Jones have both been subjected to massive censorship campaigns organized by the media. The media has also successfully removed the ability of anyone on the right to organize and speak publicly, through demonization and the promotion and protection of antifa, a terrorist group that will attack you on the streets. As we’ve seen with the charges against people who defended themselves at Charlottesville, and recent charges against the Proud Boys who defended themselves after being attacked on the street, the government can prosecute you based on false narratives of terrorist victimhood promoted by the media.

These political prosecutions by the government also tie in to the notion of a priest class. During the Middle Ages, governments would regularly seek the blessing of the Church in enforcing certain laws or crackdowns on people who they viewed as a threat to their own power.

Donald Trump is viewed – rightly so – as a heretic.

The most significant difference between the priests of the Catholic Church and the modern priests of journalism is that Catholic priests traditionally had the goal of sustaining a social order, while the journalist class has the goal of abolishing the social order and replacing it with some kind of communist consumer paradise of Islamic transsexualism. At least, this is the stated goal. In actual reality, you are never going to see a utopian world of communist Islamic transsexualism, so we should view the journalistic class as having the goal to simply destroy society entirely.