Journalists Again Claim That They are Under Attack, Robert De Niro Solicits Donations to Save Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2019

There is actually no single thing on earth that makes me angrier than hearing journalists – and Robert De Niro – talk about how they are under attack, and they need to be protected because the First Amendment means that people have to believe everything they say.

Journalists just had an event wherein they did this aggressively, in a celebratory manner. Much backslapping.

They have cleverly redubbed the White House Correspondents’ Dinner the “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner” because Trump won’t go. So clever, these journalists. It’s amazing that none of them managed to become successful novelists, what with all of this cleverness.

Fox News:

Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro unloaded—once again– on President Trump during a brief appearance Friday at the Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C.

De Niro told the audience on Friday that he stood with host Samantha Bee to support the First Amendment, and “the right of the president to be a relentless and unrepentant, lying scumbag, the right of his supporters to not give a shit, and our right to do something about it.”

He then solicited donations for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

This is an organization that was established to track things like the murder of journalists in third world countries, and various censorship laws in various countries, which is now saying that Donald Trump is attacking the freedom of the press because he says they lie.

These claims do not even make sense. There is absolutely nothing in the First Amendment that says people have to believe the news, or that you’re not allowed to accuse news organizations of reporting false information. In fact, it is everyone’s First Amendment right to say they think the media is lying, and when the media claims that they need help to silence people who are accusing them of lying, they are attacking the First Amendment.

If the threat is that people think they’re lying, then what exactly are they asking for? Are they literally saying that it should be illegal for people to not believe them?

This all becomes ever so much more disgusting when you realize that the media is engaged in an aggressive, concerted effort to censor independent journalists that disagree with them. I am the most censored person in all of history, and it was solely the media that pushed for this censorship.

The media compulsively calls for the censorship of absolutely anyone who questions them. Every single day, dozens of articles are printed about how there needs to be more censorship on social media, how they need to find new ways to shut down websites completely. And they are actually linking this campaign of censoring tens of millions of people to protecting freedom of speech.

Let me just summarize this in bullet point format for you:

  • No one is censoring the mainstream media
  • The media is not claiming that anyone is censoring them
  • They are saying they are “under attack” because the president and others claim they lie
  • They say that calling them liars is against the First Amendment
  • They are campaigning to silence anyone who says they are liars
  • They are soliciting money, apparently to help them censor people who say they are lying, while saying that money is to protect the First Amendment
  • They are being relatively straightforward about all of this

The situation is so utterly bizarre that it is almost impossible to process the fact that it is actually happening, that people are looking at it, and that everyone in the entire society is not saying in unison “what the fuck is going on here, exactly?”

But it is another one of these situations where what the authorities are saying is so insane that the average person either fails to mentally register what they are saying, or simply assumes that they must be misunderstanding, because they naturally believe that it is impossible anyone could be saying this with a straight face.

The audacity of the Jewish race is simply too much for the human psyche to process.

They count on that.