Journalist Pulls Out of Milwaukee Due to Violence Against Whites – Says Shooting Victim was White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2016

Livestreaming journalist Tim Pool, a a half-Korean who used to work for VICE, is pulling out of Milwaukee because the Blacks there are planning to exterminate Whites.

He says in his video making this announcement that the Blacks at the protest were screaming “fuck White people” and attacking them.

He also says that the protester who was shot Sunday night was White, and that he saw him (or thinks he saw him). He said he saw a White guy holding his neck as if he’d taken a bullet.

The identity of the shooting victim hasn’t been released. When I heard it, I just assumed it was a shooting between Black rivals, because Black people so enjoy shooting one another. But if he’s White, that would explain why they are holding the identity.

As far as I can find, he’s the only person reporting this. Though the police have confirmed whoever it was was shot in the neck and and that it was non-life threatening.

And in this RT video, you can see at the beginning a White boy being carried away by cops while holding his neck.

He also says the victim was probably a protester there to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter. That would be a serious LOL, and probably cut down on the numbers of cucked Whites joining the enemy team.

It also might jog a few minds among the public.

This is a race war and whether you like it or not, you were born on one side or the other.

Get it together.

It’s time to raise the damn flag.