Journalist Covering CRT is Punished by Twitter – Blue Check Removed!

Christopher Rufo, a journalist who has been writing about Critical Race Theory being pushed in big institutions and education systems, has had his blue check removed on Twitter.

This is a standard thing Twitter has been doing for a while, which is very strange. The stated purpose of the blue check is to verify that a person is who they say they are, which is intended to prevent impersonation. However, in 2015, Twitter started removing the blue checks from people that they don’t like.

When they first started doing this, it was like “wait, are you saying you’re not sure that this is the guy’s real account?” It then became clear that the blue check was not really to confirm someone’s real account, but was some kind of mark of approval by the Twitter staff. Removing the check was a way for the company to punish someone without actually banning them. Usually, someone who has their check removed is soon to be banned.

It’s very strange, I think. It’s also very strange that Twitter has such open political bias. You would think they would try to do more to hide that fact.

At least one Congressman commented on Rufo losing his check.

His account is pretty good.

This was funny.

I don’t know if there is really much purpose in explaining that Donald Trump is not planning a mass murder of black people, however. I mean, if someone believes that, you’re not going to convince them otherwise with facts. There is a group of people in America and to a lesser extent in Europe that likes believing in lies.

Do you understand how Pepe Trump is less violent than regular Trump?

A lot of this stuff, this right-wing stuff explaining that the left is wrong, just seems ridiculous and exhausting. I think we’ve already established that the left is wrong, and probably at this point, it is time to start actually opposing them directly.