Jordan Peterson Reads the Stormer! ADMITS Jews Control US, Doubles Down on Racist Positions

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

Jordan Peterson made waves about a month ago when he decided to write a post addressing the dreaded JQ. He has since updated his post with some more research.

A recap first though: to BTFO le edgy right-wingers epic style, Jordan Peterson decided to bring up divergent human evolution as an explanation for why Jews are so overrepresented in positions of power and wealth in the West.

He conceded the Alt-Right claim that races exist by advancing the theory that the Jews were the superior master race due to their higher IQ – and therefore deserved to rule over the goyim.

Jordan Peterson’s Blog:

Update April 24 2018: A recent critic attempted to take my argument apart arithmetically:

He stated: Different ethnic groups act in a nepotistic manner at differing levels. Some do so more than others.

Your argument is essentially that identity politics does matter not. But it does to Jews, who’s religion and ethnic identity are especially important to them. They even base their whole identity around their victimization in the past by gentiles (Romen Empire, Christians, the Holocaust). Yet, you’re trying to tell us those who play into identity politics are losers? That’s the first problem I’m seeing because even Jews don’t believe that.

Second, if Jews are high IQ, and that means they are more likely to be in positions of power, that would explain their prevalence. Yet, there are VASTLY more white gentiles that have equal or higher IQs than your average Jews. We can do simple math to prove this. If there are 6 million Jews in the United States with an average IQ of 115 (so 3 million are 115+) and there are 200+ million white gentiles with an average IQ of 105 IQ (so roughly 30% are 115+ IQ). So 200 million x .30 gives us 60,000,000 whites with an IQ of 115+. So, we would think, if all things being equal, then that whites would proportionally represented in positions of power commensurate with their IQ and numbers. Jews should, according to the idea that IQ leads to representation in positions of power, should be 5% or so of millionaires (3 million Jews / 60 million gentiles at 115+). But this is not the case. Jews make up a disproportionate number of millionaires and billionaires (40% according to Forbes) according to the IQ theory Jordan B. Peterson is utilizing.

What explains this? Ethnic nepotism, i.e. identity politics. Jews priviliege others Jews with access to power, money, and positions to perpetuate Jewish influence in America.

Yet, Jordan Peterson is telling us there is no idea of Jewish power in America. That’s simply not true when we all know the world runs on money, and no one knows this better than the Jews. That’s why our foreign policy has been about securing Israel’s security. That’s why our politicians get money from AIPAC. Why we send billions to Isarel every year. Why our relationship with the Muslim world has declined because of this one-sided affair.

Jordan Peterson had me fooled, I must admit. I thought that he was trying to fight the Alt-Right. Now, I realize that he is playing the long game. He was always trying to get us to hone our arguments and in true Socratic fashion to tease out the truth slowly and logically to red-pill his fans. The man is /pol/ incarnate.

Don’t believe me? Check out his “rebuttal”:

Here’s my response:

Your cutoff for high IQ is far too low. Try 145 (the figure I cite for serious intellectual advantage) and see how that works. That’s three standard deviations above the general population of mean of 100, not the 115 (one standard deviation) you used. One standard deviation above the average is helpful — it puts you in college — but it’s nothing compared to three standard deviations (in part because of the operation of the Pareto principle).

Three standard deviations advantage for the general population puts an individual at 99.9%. That’s .001 of the population, so .001 X 200,000,000 (using your figures) = 200,000 “white gentiles” with an IQ of 145 or more.

Two standard deviations advantage for the Jewish population (with an estimated mean IQ of 115) means an IQ above 97.7% of the Jewish population. That’s .023 of the population, so .023 X 6.000,000 = 138,000

138,000/(200,000+138,000) = 138,000/338,000 = 40.8% of the 145+ IQ population is Jewish. And you said “40% of millionaires and billionaires are Jewish.”

Isn’t it something how those figures dovetail?

So are we still following at home?

It’s simple. JBP made the claim that IQ was the best predictor of success in society in a previous post. He then DOUBLED DOWN in his latest post. AND he drew people’s attention to the fact that Jews are the 1% that rules the world!

All in one masterful stroke, he confirmed the Alt-Right’s beliefs and gave them the academic backing that we so desperately needed. Damn, I am impressed.

Even more, he basically called every single black person an illiterate ape that should be deported back to Africa.

Makes sense right? Follow Peterson’s impressive and Alt-Right approved train of logic with me here for a second.

Divergent human evolution – different human races – different IQ levels – smart Jews dominating all of society. 

Now, let’s see what happens when we tweak the formula a bit.

Divergent human evolution – different human races – different IQ levels – dumb niggers contributing nothing of value to civilization.

This is what Peterson is driving at – this is what he wants people to realize. He’s playing it safe, by couching it in terms of praising the Jews. But people will start asking questions about IQ and race now. If Jews are a super-smart race, perhaps blacks and browns are not?

Genius. Absolutely genius.

I had my doubts about the professor before, but this is truly 5D chess at play here. By pointing out that Jews run the world and that blacks and browns are stupid, Jordan Peterson is red-pilling millions of future Stormers.

I was wrong to critique him, before.

He was always in this for the long haul, and I should have realized that. Welcome back to the Alt-Right, Dr. Peterson – sleeper agent extraordinaire.

And you will be again, thanks to Dr. Peterson

Sieg Heil, comrade.