Jordan Peterson is Back! Clean Up Your Climate Change Room, Kiddo! Support Globohomo!

Great news, everyone.

Your father has returned, and he is coming to check your room.


Controversial psychologist and author Jordan Peterson claimed Western countries had no “moral right” to force developing nations to reduce pollution output, noting instead that improving their economies was key.

During an appearance on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ show on Thursday, the Canadian professor noted that the focus of climate change policies should be on incentivizing the development of cheap energy in poorer polluter countries.

The best long term solution is to try to make developing countries as rich as possible, and the best way to do that is not control their pollution output, but to help them develop the cheapest energy they can possibly manage as fast as they possibly can,” Peterson said.

The debate saw UK undersecretary for employment Mims Davies suggest that measures taken to tackle climate change should not come at the “expense of developing countries.” But Peterson countered that it “absolutely, 100% will be [at their expense].”

I don’t think we have any moral right in the West at all to do that.”

He’s had a really hard time, this guy.

I guess fame really got to him.

He was addicted to pills… but most people are addicted to pills.

His issue was something much larger.

The above is a real quote.

“I thought, all right, I’ll get the damn vaccine. But, here’s the deal, guys: I’ll get the vaccine and you f***ing leave me alone! And did that work? No. So, stupid me, you know?”


Shouldn’t have taken that, Jordan.

Didn’t you like, study the history of tyranny or something?

Never in history have tyrants left people alone because they submitted.

Now you’ve got bigger health problems than benzos addiction…

For some reason, I think this very much feels like the exact right time for a return of Jordan Peterson.