Jordan Peterson has Horrible Genetics – All Sorts of Disorders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2018

Jordan Peterson is here on Joe Rogan promoting a “carnivore” diet.

Which basically means you only eat beef, all the time.

Jordan Peterson also reveals in this interview that his family has all sorts of genetic diseases, that he and them are always depressed, that he is on all sorts of anti-depressant drugs.

And this is a self-help guru?

I don’t think this is a person that anyone should be taking advice from.

As far as the diet he is promoting – this is a temporary thing. Yes, you can drop all carbs and just eat beef for a month, and it will cause you to lose weight and gain energy. If you have a serious weight problem, okay. You can also just stop eating altogether though, and it does the same thing.

But you cannot be a “carnivore” long term, because your body requires a bunch of micronutrients that you can only get from fruits and vegetables. If you eat nothing but meat long term, you will eventually start to develop all kinds of different conditions resulting from nutrient deficiency.

You can also only lose so much weight, and you will start to need carbs for your body to produce energy.

This is all stuff that bodybuilders have known for I don’t know how many decades. They will go on “carnivore” diets before competitions to lower body fat to 5% or so. And then start eating carbs again when they go back to serious training.

Basically, Peterson explains that he jumped from eating normally – with all of the dairy and gluten and other poisons – to a brief period of meat and vegetables, to cutting out the vegetables, and then he started to notice the change. But the vegetables couldn’t have been making a difference, unless it was a serious weight loss difference that he was looking for, or if he was eating some kind of questionable vegetables.

Probably, he stopped the vegetables just as he was feeling the relief from stopping the gluten and other inflammation-causing agents leaving his body, and associated the two, plus he would have gotten a brief energy boost from cutting out carbs (even leafy green vegetables contain carbs) completely if he was overweight, which he says he was.

But eventually (6 months or so) he will drain his body of micronutrients and begin to fall apart if he doesn’t add vegetables. And once he gets to a certain percentage of body fat, he will lose energy with no carbs.

Jordan Peterson should not be an example for anyone. The guy is a fucking mess. Terrible genetics, mentally unstable, deranged. He said he ate nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chocolate milk his whole life.

Apple cider taking him out for a month – no diet item can ruin your life like he is claiming. This is not the way food works. This is a man who should have died as an infant.

That said, yes. Eating nothing but beef for a month, if you are overweight, will make you lose weight. Of course it will. And losing weight will always make you feel better, because being overweight makes you feel like shit.


I’m going to release a diet guide that is a lot more comprehensive and informative than kook Peterson’s bizarre anecdotes.