Jonestown Massacre: The Aftermath

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2015

The commericial-free .mp3 is here.

I am still personally processing the ramifications of the Jonestown Massacre, which took place yesterday when David Duke was invited on the Alex Jones Show to expose the man as a complete fraud shilling for Jews.

Dr. Duke exterminated the Fat Man, to the point where I felt bad for him. It was brutal in the extreme, as Duke laid out an overwhelming amount of information about Jewish control of the Western world. All that Jones was able to do was make Ku Klux Klan jokes, which were easily dismissed and in fact made him look more pathetic, as he refused to actually even attempt to refute anything Duke was saying.

It wasn’t really a “debate,” it was just a savage beating.

At one point Jones is like “well I have the documents that the West funded Hitler because…” and Duke is like “well, I don’t know what these documents are…” and then Jones just let it drop, because no such documents exist, it is just a dumb thing he’s made up.

One thing Jones must be given credit for is letting Duke talk. He did do that. But this was due to a keen stratagem by Duke of pointing it out whenever he was interrupted. Jones was afraid to interrupt, lest he be proved to be exactly what he is accused of being.

Why Jones ever decided to subject himself to this brutal beating is the real question. It makes absolutely no sense. He is not so stupid as to not understand that Jews control everything, and so he most assuredly is covering it up on purpose when he refuses to talk about it on his show.

Has he lost his mind, allowing Duke to expose him in this way? I suppose his arrogance led him to believe he could portray Duke as some type of monster and finally dismiss the “neo-Nazi White supremacists” who have been hounding him over his shilling as kooky, hateful and stupid.

The single most amazing part of the whole ordeal was when Jones literally brought out the man behind the curtain – the Jew producer Rob Jacobson – to claim not all Jews are bad.

So Jones is arguing “well, not everything is controlled by Jews – wait, this Jew who runs my show wants to help explain that not everything is controlled by Jews.”

I have never heard the Jew producer Jacobson on the Alex Jones show. But he had to come out and stop the Duke interview, as it was like another Shoah.
I have never heard the Jew producer Jacobson on the Alex Jones show. But he had to come out and stop the Duke interview, as it was like another Shoah.

Why would the Jew Jacobson want to do this? Well, because he couldn’t help himself. Logically, of course his appearance simply goes to further prove everything Duke is saying. But he heard the evil anti-Semite attacking his tribe, and everything in his DNA told him “I have to get in there and shut this down.”

This whole event – there is simply no way it could have went better.

And the aftermath has simply compounded it all.

“Maybe I can Just Pretend This Never Happened”

Following the debate, Jones uploaded a highly edited version of the video under the title “Epic War of Words with the KKK (sic).”

However, even this edited version – 17 minutes of a two hour exchange – was apparently deemed too much, and Jones quickly removed it from his YouTube page altogether.

Is there a way you could possibly look any more guilty? I can’t think of any possible way.

Seriously, go check his channel – he shut it down.

Another user has uploaded the deleted video, just in case you are interested in the Jew Job he did:

Mind you, this is after Jones spent three days promoting the debate.

It was strange enough that he had Duke on to spend two hours telling the entire truth about the Jews which he has spent decades trying to cover up, but the idea that he thinks he can simply make it as though this event never took place leads me to believe he must be suffering from some kind of degenerative brain disease.

This is like a 2-year-old closing his eyes and believing it makes him invisible.

If he was going to attempt to drop this event down the memory hole, he never should have posted it on YouTube at all – posting an edited version, then deleting it, simply couldn’t make it any more clear that he is attempting to hide this information from his listeners.

The End of a Dick-Pill Disinfo Empire

The tables have turned.

Sadly, or not, this is the beginning of the end of Alex Jones, and it is the true beginning of the real American resistance.

There is no way out for Jones.

He has just dug his own XXL grave.

Dr. Duke is our champion, but it was the Stormer Troll Army who brought things to the point where the Fat Man had no choice but to confront us. I am not taking credit for that. I am giving each and every one of you who participated in the operation against Jones the credit.

I am one man. But we are an army.

We fought a war, boys.

And we won.

Take a bow.

And then remember that this party has just gotten started.

Hail Victory.