Jonathan Swan is Jewish – Rofl, Mao

Yesterday, I wrote about how I didn’t understand what the hell was going on with Axios journalist Jonathan Swan, who I noted that I actually think is clever.

Swan had just posted a tweet shilling the war in Afghanistan for the sake of feminism, which is a media talking point put out by the CIA to justify the continuation of a neocon war under a Democrat president (Obama, 2010). I said I just couldn’t understand why a young white man in my age group would be pushing this anti-white agenda.

Then, someone pointed out why he would be doing that.

At first I felt dumb for having not checked that, then I just felt relieved.

I’m glad to know that he’s not a clever white man fighting for the Anal Empire.

It’s also kind of a funny situation. Because of course he’s Jewish. There literally is not a single white man with any sort of intelligence or cleverness working for this agenda, at least not in a capacity where they are doing things like going out with a straight face and saying “we have to keep the Afghan war going forever because of Afghan feminism.”

It also points to the fact that my own heuristics for understanding the world are true even when I’m not aware of it. I have been genuinely stumped by Swan, ever since watching that Trump interview.

Frankly, he doesn’t look very Jewish. I had actually read the story of his father being from Scotland and moving to Australia. Also to be fair to me, there are not many Jews in Scotland or Australia.

But yeah.

I feel greatly relieved.