Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz Attacks Harry Potter as “Anti-Semitic”

Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz was formerly best known as the host of the Comedy Central comedy news show “The Daily Show.”

At his point, he is best known as the repulsive Jewish face of the “you don’t own nothing, goyim” meme.

Fittingly, a man best known for telling the goyim they own nothing has come out to inform the goyim that there is yet another thing they they do not own: Harry Potter.

Yahoo! News:

Leave it to Jon Stewart to point out another problem with the increasingly problematic legacy of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise. On a Dec. 1 episode of The Problem With Jon Stewart podcast — an audio companion to his Apple TV+ current affairs series — the former Daily Show host called attention to what he considers to be antisemitic caricatures in both the Potter novels and their feature film adaptations.

That portion of the podcast was posted on the show’s YouTube channel on Dec. 16, and is now going viral after being shared by activist Rafael Shimunov in a lengthy Twitter thread that comments on the “antisemitic tropes” in Rowling’s work.

Speaking with The Problem staff writers, Jay Jurden and Henrik Blix, on the Dec. 1 podcast, Stewart called their attention to the appearance of the goblins who run the Wizarding World’s leading financial institution, the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. “Talking to people, I was like … ‘Do you know what those folks that run the bank are? Jews!’ … That’s a caricature of a Jew from an antisemitic piece of literature and J.K. Rowling looked at that and went, ‘Can we get these guys to run our bank?'”

Stewart was specifically referring to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious antisemitic text that dates back to the early 20th century, and features flagrantly offensive Jewish caricatures that are still glimpsed in racist propaganda today. Remembering his experience watching the Harry Potter films in theaters, Stewart says he was shocked to recognize similar imagery in a major studio blockbuster.

“It was one of those things where I saw it on the screen, and I was expecting the crowd to be like ‘Holy s***, she did not — in a wizarding world — just throw Jews in there to run the f****** underground bank,'” Stewart said. “And everybody was just like: ‘Wizards!'”

The full thread from the mentioned Jew Rafael Shimunov may be of interest.

It is truly amazing that Jews find the time, in-between complaining about how everyone hates them, to do all of the things that make everyone hate them.

Notice that throughout all of that whining, Shimunov does not bother to suggest how it would be possible to portray in fiction a group of greedy bankers who do not resemble stereotypes of Jews.

The very concept of a “greedy banker” is now considered an “anti-Semitic trope.”

This is similar to the way the Jews flipped out when the head of the NRA referred to “European-style socialists” in a speech about the gun control lobby.

It’s also comparable to the way whenever George Soros is mentioned in a negative light, it is referred to as “anti-Semitism.” Conservatives will try to say “I’m not against Soros because he’s Jewish, I’m against him because he’s funding massive migrant movements and revolutionary socialist movements like BLM-Antifa.” The Jewish answer is effectively “yes, he’s doing that because he’s Jewish, and you aren’t allowed to complain about Jewish behavior, ever.”

We are at the point now where the only thing a goy is allowed to do is repeat CNN and Democrat Party talking points.

And they’d better be recent talking points.