Jon Ossoff: Being a Jew Made Me Want to Fight for the Oppressed

This is one repulsive visage.

It continues to be totally amazing that the Jews have the nerve to go out there and talk about how oppressed they are, whilst they are the single most wealthy and powerful group in America – by a lot.

Jewish Daily Forward:

With just over two weeks until the two runoff elections in Georgia that will decide who controls the next Senate, all eyes are on the Democratic candidates who are hoping to flip the upper house. It’s a remarkable moment for Jon Ossoff, who may well be the most high-profile Jewish Democrat in the United States right now.

I’m descended from Ashkenazi immigrants who fled pogroms in the early 20th century, and I grew up among relatives who were Holocaust survivors,” he told Haaretz in an exclusive interview last week. “So my Jewish upbringing instilled in me a conviction to fight for the marginalized and oppressed, and also to be vigilant where there’s the risk that authoritarianism may emerge.”

Oh wow a new story – a Jew driven by the memory of the Holocaust.

What’s next?

Did Adolf Hitler teach him that white Christians are a threat, and have to be put down every time they try to organize for their own interests?

He says the Trump era has seen a dangerous rise in right-wing extremism, noting that “ethno-nationalism had been a threat to Jewish people throughout the world and our history, and a threat to minorities in American society.” However, he adds that since Trump was elected in 2016, we’ve also “seen a renaissance of civic engagement. It rejects right-wing extremism and now has served to defeat Donald Trump. The task at hand is to ensure that this movement blossoms and continues as more than mere opposition, but as a movement to help provide jobs and justice for all people in Georgia and across the country.”

While the runoff elections may be unprecedented in this Southern state, they’re not a fluke. They’re the culmination of years of work by activists and state officials to make the Democratic Party viable again in the South.President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia last month, by some 12,000 votes, was the first by a Democratic presidential candidate since Bill Clinton in 1992. And the fact that both Ossoff and his fellow Democratic candidate, Rev. Raphael Warnock, have even a shot at unseating the two incumbent Republican senators is a remarkable turnaround.

“In the last decade, we’ve been building a multiracial, multigenerational coalition across race and faith lines committed to lifting working people of all backgrounds,” says Ossoff, 33. “The coalition in Georgia has invested in voter registration, volunteer mobilization and community outreach to grow this new Southern coalition.”

He adds: “I’m reflecting on the first meal I ever shared with [the late Georgia] Congressman John Lewis. He wanted to talk to me about the alliance between Jews and Blacks in the civil rights movement, and how he had marched alongside rabbis and Jewish activists for civil rights in the South in the mid-1960s. He stressed how important it was to sustain this alliance.”

What’s happening now, Ossoff believes, “is the emergence of this alliance coming out for health, jobs and justice for all people in this state. And that the standard bearers in these historic runoffs are a young Jewish son of an immigrant, mentored by John Lewis, and the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, a Black preacher who holds Dr. [Martin Luther] King Jr’s pulpit and who pastored John Lewis, is a continuation of this tradition.”


“It’s not a fluke – it’s the result of years of Jewish subversion of the Christian South. We did it by using the blacks.”

It’s crazy the stuff these Jews will say in their own publications, when they think no one is watching.

I mean – reread those paragraphs. It’s pretty straightforward what they’re communicating.

The article notes that that GOP snakeface attempted to claim she was the true Jew.

A key community the Republican Party has been targeting in the runoff elections is Georgia’s Jewish voters. Sen. Loeffler chose to kick off her campaign, for example, by accusing her opponent of being anti-Zionist. “Rev. Warnock has a long history of anti-Israel extremism. He defended Jeremiah Wright’s antisemitic comments. He embraced the anti-Zionist Black Lives Matter organization. And he thinks Israel is an ‘oppressive regime’ for fighting back against terrorism,” she tweeted last month.

Support for Israel is a red line for many Jewish voters. Norman Radow is a leading member of Atlanta’s pro-Israel community, an AIPAC Minyan member and a donor to the Democratic Party. For him and many others like him, conditioning aid to Israel is nonnegotiable.

That’s no doubt why, in a televised debate earlier this month, Warnock strongly rejected Loeffler’s attacks against him. “My opponents are trying to use Israel as a wedge issue. I wish I were surprised. I do not believe Israel is an apartheid state, as some have suggested,” he said, positioning himself as pro-Israel. Ossoff has done the same.

“The GOP attack on Warnock means we’re doing things differently than we’ve ever had to do before,” says Habif. “We’ve always been able to rely on Jewish Democratic voters, but it’s particularly important in this election cycle. The GOP is targeting Democratic Jewish voters by trying to suggest we shouldn’t trust Rev. Warnock. Their claims of him being anti-Zionist are nothing further from the truth, but they’re trying nonetheless. They can’t say ‘Don’t trust the Black man,’ but in these attacks they’re doing everything but saying it out loud,” Habif charges.

Don’t vote for the black man, boomer! He’s coming for your precious Jews! My Israel, boomer! My Israel!

When the GOP goes out there and does this “actually, we’re the REAL Jew lovers” bit, I always think of that Rob Zombie song “More Human Than Human.”

The Republicans are saying: “More Jewish Than Jewish.”

Anyway – the GOP is going to lose this election. They are voting on Dominion Voting Systems machines. This is the story from here on out – there aren’t going to be any more legitimate elections. They might let Republicans win a few, in places where it’s really obvious, but they are not going to control the House, the Senate or the Presidency ever again.

Engaging this on any level at all from this point is foolish. Worse, it is humiliating. It is actually even dehumanizing to go out there and participate in a charade like this when you know it’s all a hoax.

We need to stop voting. Period. We need to start attacking Republicans that do vote as traitors, and supporters of the system.