Joke Police: Twitter Bans SJW Parody Accounts in Latest Assault on Laughter, Joy

The revolution is in full swing. The whites will pay the price, and the blacks and women will finally take their position ruling over us.

The one thing that threatens to pull the revolution apart at the seams is people joking about it and thinking it is silly.

Thankfully, the Joke Police are on the scene to protect us from the threat of people laughing at something so serious as the ascension of the oppressed.


Twitter has seemingly gone on a rampage against anti-“woke” satirists, locking the account of social justice warrior caricature Titania McGrath and suspending several others for reasons that remain unclear.

Several satire accounts, mostly British, ridiculing society’s obsession with political correctness, found themselves locked out of Twitter or suspended entirely on Monday, with no explanation other than vague accusations of “platform manipulation and dissemination of spam.”

Sir Lefty Farr-Wright QC, Jarvis Dupont, Liberal Larry, Guy Verhoftwat, and Tolerance Police all found themselves kicked off the platform within hours of each other.

While it’s unclear if all were given the same reason for their exile, Farr-Right took to Twitter alternative Parler to express his disappointment — in character, of course — and reveal he’d been baselessly accused of spamming and platform manipulation.

Ratio Watch and conservative-leaning news satire powerhouse the Babylon Bee were also briefly suspended, then reinstated. The Bee especially has been targeted by liberal thought-police jealous its popularity sometimes exceeds “real news” published by their own outlets. The satire site is often skewered by fact-checkers for supposedly publishing fake news, with the likes of Snopes implying conservatives lack the brainpower to distinguish between humor and fact.

Meanwhile, Titania McGrath, the woke caricature written by Spiked columnist Andrew Doyle, was locked out of “her” account after a biting send-up of critical theory in which she argued doctors were “bullying and dehumanizing” sick people — i.e. “those who do not conform to their perceptions of ‘wellness’” — and thus medical science should be banned as an oppressive, cisnormative, patriarchal construct.

“‘Health’ and ‘wellness’ are mere taxonomies of privilege, inculcated by the hegemonic and oppressive discourses of ‘medical science,’” McGrath wrote in the offending tweet. She called for not only closing all hospitals and medical institutions, but re-educating children to “embrace and celebrate illness rather than seeking a ‘cure’,” eerily mimicking the language of wokeness.

In the next six weeks, anyone who is still allowed on the platform now is going to be banned. It is going to be nothing but bluecheck journalists.

Then, and only then, will justice finally ring true.

God bless you, Joke Police.