Joke Police in Control: Legendary Tweeter Ricky Vaughn Indicted by Feds for Memes from 2016

Ricky Vaughn, the legendary Twitter poster, has been indicted by the US federal government for memes posted in the run-up to the 2016 election.

New York Post:

The man behind pro-Trump Twitter troll account “Ricky Vaughn” was busted in Florida on Wednesday for spreading disinformation during the 2016 presidential election in a scheme to limit black turnout, officials said.

Douglass Mackey, 31, was arrested in West Palm Beach on one charge of conspiracy against rights, for which he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Between September and November 2016, Mackey allegedly conspired with others to use social media messaging to encourage blacks to cast their votes via text message so their ballots wouldn’t count, according to Brooklyn federal prosecutors.

On Nov. 1, one week before the presidential election that ushered in President Donald Trump’s term, Mackey allegedly tweeted an image of a black woman in front of an “African Americans for President Hillary” sign. Written on the photograph was the message, “Avoid the Line. Vote from Home. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925. Vote for Hillary and be a part of history,” the complaint states.

More than 4,900 people, encouraged by the misinformation campaign, cast their vote via text, officials said.

“There is no place in public discourse for lies and misinformation to defraud citizens of their right to vote,” said Acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Seth DuCharme.

MIT Media Lab ranked him as the 107th most important social media influencer of the presidential election, coming in ahead of NBC News and the Drudge Report, officials said.

I’ve read some other news articles about this, and most of them are just worded more confusingly. As far as I’m able to tell, he was indicted on the single meme. However, I’m sure many memes that he posted will come up in the court, as they try to convict him for “conspiracy to joke around” and “first degree horseplay.”

I feel like the word “insane” is used too often, but this truly cannot be classified as anything other than “insane.”

The Bad Times are Here, Kids

We are officially through the looking glass, across the threshold, or whichever idiom pleases your fancy. A man was just federally indicted for a meme. Probably, I should spend a few thousand words going through the background, and just how we found ourselves in this very unfortunate situation.

This is the big revenge spectacle that we talked about before the election. What they are going to try to do is ensure the masses of people remain quiet, and accept their masters. They do that through fear.

The 2016 election was an unimagined disaster for the ruling elite. You probably have no actual capacity to understand how this was viewed by them: it was a total failure of their established systems, on the very highest level.

I would always get frustrated at people who try to claim that Trump being elected was a part of some kind of conspiracy, and that he was meant to fail, and it was all some sort of a show of some kind (put on by the elite for some non-specific reason). I’ve never come into contact with an intelligent person that made this argument, but there are a lot of really aggressive morons on the internet.

Saying that Trump was a secret Jewish agent is actually the exact same thing as the QAnon thing, saying that Trump is secretly some kind of invincible messiah and he will fix everything, all his screwups are actually part of the plan. Both theories hinge on a very simple premise that explains everything, and this appeals to simple-minded and/or emotionally fragile people. All holes in these theories are easily filled with “that’s all part of the plan.” The problem with both theories is that they are not viable heuristics for understanding what is actually going on. The same kind of person believes in both of these theories, as you can easily see on the internet: they’re aggressive and stupid, believing that they are very smart and have secret information that everyone else is too stupid to understand.

The whole Dunning-Kruger thing makes it so that dumb people believe they are smarter than they are, while smart people aren’t aware of how dumb other people actually are, and you really run into a lot of that sort of thing when you deal with certain especially fantastical conspiracy theories on the internet. The reason that people believe them is because they provide a comforting, simple explanation for everything. Saying “it’s just all controlled, everything is controlled and fake” is much easier than trying to understand what is actually going on, and it means you have an easy answer for everything.

The “Trump is secretly a part of a Jewish plan” and “Trump has his own secret plan” theories both collapsed when Trump supposedly lost the 2020 election and was replaced by the pretender Joe Biden. If Trump was a secret Jewish agent, they wouldn’t have needed to steal the election from him. They either could have let him have another term, or they could have instructed him to do something really stupid just before the election that would cause him to lose (or at least, for it to be plausible that he lost). QAnon obviously was proved false by the fact that he was removed from the White House.

I’m sure the “Trump is a secret Jewish agent” people are still making that argument, and trying to explain away this bizarre spectacle of election fraud. With them it’s always some kind of “it’s because they want you to think [x thing] because of [x reason].” (Remember that the overwhelming majority of the population will believe whatever the media is saying, either Fox News or CNN, so this elaborate hoax would have to be targeted at a tiny percent of the population.) I haven’t seen what these people are claiming the Jews were trying to make people think by failing to produce enough fake ballots with the mail-in fraud to cover the Trump Landslide Victory, and being forced to stop the count in multiple swing states and bring in suitcases full of fake ballots. The only thing I can figure they would be trying to make people think is that the entire American government is a fraud, but I can’t think of what the reason would be that they would want people to think that. However, I guarantee there is someone, somewhere on the internet who has an explanation as to how that fits into the conspiracy.

There were QAnon people streaming the inauguration who were still trusting the plan, and thinking that Trump was going to jump out of a trapped door and have everyone executed for treason. QAnon gets more focus in the mainstream media than people who think Trump is secretly working for the Jews, so I have heard what Q is saying: they’re saying that Joe Biden is not really the president, and that Donald Trump is secretly controlling him. If they don’t get banned from everywhere completely, someone will be on the internet, explaining everything that Biden does as part of a secret QAnon plan to stop the cannibalistic pedophiles.

The actual reality doesn’t provide the easy comfort that either of the “secret plan” theories provide.

President Trump: A Plan Interrupted

The actual reality is that Trump’s 2016 victory was the single worst thing that has happened to the ruling elite since World War Two. Primarily, the reason it was so bad for them is that it was a total failure of the system at the single highest level, and part of the core ideology of the system is that it is invincible. This is how they get people to believe in it. The servants of the system need to believe they’re following an invincible system, and the masses of people need to be led to believe that change is impossible.

The elite plan has always been to slowly, step-by-step, move people along without agitating them. You can see this going all the way back to the end of World War Two, when Jews first started to gain meaningful control of all of the institutions in America. They slowly, step-by-step, moved people in the direction they wanted them to go in. It was feminism and free sex, rights for blacks, homosexuals, mass immigration – one after the other, in a march toward a new society.

The end goal was always a global government, run by Jews. People were marching towards that, without much more resistance than a grumble here and there, and Trump created this huge disruption.

Probably, Trump was not trying to actually win the 2016 election. Most likely, it was “a publicity stunt gone wrong.” Certainly, the media treated it as a publicity stunt. It created massive ratings for them, to the point where Jewish CNN head Jeff Zucker actually called Trump’s Jewish former lawyer Michael Cohen and offered to give Trump a show “after the election” (the context of the call was the assumption that Trump was going to inevitably lose, obviously). When he did win, however, his pride led him to try to do the best he could to please the people, and stay popular. And just due to his personality, he refused to fall in line. I remember when he was flirting with falling in line, and he eventually backed out of it. He continued to refuse to adopt the normal party line, and continued to introduce chaos into the ordered systems that rule us.

Ultimately, they were able to nullify the threat. As you can see, Trump didn’t accomplish anything at all that can’t be rolled back by Joe Biden. Trump did screw up the timeline of a lot of different projects, slowing both the wars and the immigration. But the biggest problem was the effect he had on the psyche of the population: he riled people up by making them believe they had some kind of say in the way things are going. As we have seen, the people don’t have any say in anything. They voted for the Trump 2016 platform, which was basically a brand of populist white nationalism, and what they got was a nonstop Russian conspiracy theory that didn’t even make any sense. With the Biden election hoax, normal people can no longer believe that the system is the result of voting patterns, they can no longer believe that the things that are happening in our country are the result of the votes of their countrymen.

What this ultimately means is that the government now has to rely on terror and brutality in order to maintain power. They don’t have any choice, because they gave up all of their legitimacy by first allowing the game show host Donald Trump to somehow win a presidential election, and then having to steal the second presidential election from him because he was so popular. He was so popular, in fact, that they had to stop the election after it was over and do more fraud, removing any doubt that any honest people would have had that it was a fraudulent election.

This is much less comfortable, and there are many more risks involved with ruling a country where half the population believes that the government is illegitimate. Democracy, where people believe that they are voting for the government, is effectively zero risk. Elections, typically, are real. It is simply that no one can get to the level of being on a ballot without being approved by the system. (This is largely done through the primary system, which is very easy to swing – look at what happened to Steve King.) They make sure that all of your options are pre-approved, then you go vote. Obviously, the system intended for Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election, but if Jeb Bush would have won, no one in the system would have lost their mind.

You Won’t Believe This One Weird Trick That Permanently Damaged Democracy

Remember the story of the fake shower rooms at Auschwitz? The Jews claimed that the Nazis would sit them all down, shave their heads, tell them to take off all their clothes, and march them into a fake shower room. Then, when the wooden doors were sealed shut, instead of water coming out of the shower heads, it was poison gas. When I was first getting into historical revisionism, and learning about the fact that “The Holocaust” is war propaganda that became a religion, one thing that really stuck with me was when someone said: “Why wouldn’t they just shoot them? What was the purpose of this complicated and expensive shower hoax if you were going to kill them anyway?”

Sometimes, Jews will explain that the Nazis didn’t want people to panic. But according to the stories from the same Jews, everyone at the camps knew that everyone who was sent to the showers was killed and cremated, so what was the point of the elaborate shower ritual, if everyone knew “taking a shower” meant you were going to be killed? Furthermore, what difference would it make if they panicked? What are they going to do, when they’re already at a “death camp”? There are examples throughout the 20th century of large groups of people being taken out to fields and shot. Historians claim Pol Pot ended up killing a third of the population of Cambodia, and he didn’t have any fake shower rooms – he used bullets (I also question the numbers given for Pol Pot’s death count, but unlike in Poland, they have excavated mass graves of people with bullet holes in their skulls, so someone was taken out into a field and shot).

Doesn’t the element of “fake shower room gas chambers” just make the story dumber, and less believable?

The explanation is simple: it was Jews making these stories up, and in their minds, when you do something brutal to people, you do it as some kind of trick. At the Nuremberg Trials, Jewish lawyers got together with Jews who had been interned at the camps, and decided on a story to tell, and this thing about gas chambers is what they came up with.

It is possible that the coronavirus scam was devised as a way to manage the chaos that Trump introduced into the system. It’s such a chaotic bizarre thing, to all of a sudden start claiming that all these hundreds of thousands of people that no one has ever met are dying of a flu, while so many people we know have been diagnosed with the virus and it was simply a normal flu, which they recovered from in a week or so, which is the normal pattern of a normal flu.

What the coronavirus has done is present a context for stripping people of their rights, in this rapid, aggressive fashion. If it were not for Donald Trump, there is no reason the slow march, the slow loss of freedom and humanity, couldn’t have continued up until the point they are trying to take us to (world government, cyborg brain implants, new satanic world religion, etc.).

The fact that Trump was unable to accomplish any of his goals, and the fact that the election was stolen, disrupted this entire historical process. The army of bureaucrats that run everything had to recalibrate, and devise a new way forward.

Even if Trump had lost outright, this idea of populism and nationalism was going to remain. It hadn’t been there before Trump. What Americans might not realize is that nationalists across Europe were looking at Trump as a hero. I have an Italian friend who says the entire country was in mourning after the election.

This is what European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was talking about when she made the seemingly bizarre and cryptic statement (to the Davos Agenda Forum, of course) that Donald Trump had “permanently damaged democracy.” I don’t know how any normal person can hear that statement and not be both perplexed and intrigued. She is effectively saying: “the jig is up.” Because of this “damage” to democracy, she said that the world requires more extreme restrictions on what people are allowed to say on the internet, and she called on America to pass laws regulating speech. She was effectively saying that because the internet monopolies are based in America, America needs to pass laws against speech in order to control what people are allowed to say, because speech damages democracy.

I never experienced any serious censorship before Trump became president. In fact, I was regularly covered by the media along the lines of: “Look at what the bad guys are saying! It’s so silly and evil!” Longtime readers will remember that. Here’s the thing: they were not afraid of a few people on the internet saying things they’re not supposed to say. Of course, they’ll try to recruit you as an FBI informant (I was propositioned by an informant before Trump announced his candidacy – I posted the email communications to the site at the time), and several “far right” individuals were prosecuted for crimes that they either didn’t commit or weren’t actually that serious, but the idea of completely censoring speech was not considered necessary. You could still say “nigger” on Twitter, YouTube, etc. before Trump was elected.

There would have been a push to implement “hate speech” laws in America, and they would have eventually done it, as part of the above mentioned slow march. However, it wouldn’t have been like what we’re seeing – this massive shutting down of everyone in an egregious, belligerent, absurd manner. The speech was never really particularly dangerous as long as the majority of people believed that the system was more or less fair, and represented the wishes of the people, for the most part.

What they are afraid of is mass movements against their agenda, and that is what Trump created. His election victory gave legitimacy to the ideas, it showed everyone that their fellow countrymen agreed with them on the issue of these brown people running around everywhere being a problem.

After Trump’s election victory, everyone in the system said, before anything else: “we have to make sure this never happens again.” Everything you have witnessed follows that line of thought.

As I told you all along: the Justice Department bureaucrats spent the last four years putting together indictments for all of the people blamed for Donald Trump getting elected in 2016. Over a period of time, possibly a relatively short time, they are going to roll out indictments for all of them. This is sadistic, and it is about revenge, but it is also a practical matter: we are no longer living under the illusion of freedom. We are now living under a tyrannical regime.

The good news is that openly tyrannical regimes have never been particularly stable. The bad news is that the name of the game under a tyrannical regime is that you must rule through fear, which means this is all going to get pretty scary. Fear is the only tool of a government that rules without the consent of the people.

Because understand: their power is all in your head. They know that. They know that there are more of us than there are of them – by a lot.

Democracy, before Donald Trump broke it, worked so well because people genuinely believed that they were voting and electing leaders, and the leaders were just flawed or stupid, so things got screwed up, or whatever. So, they maintained power over your mind, by making you believe that they held power legitimately.

When people don’t believe the government has legitimate power over them, the government has to get in their head some other way, and the only real way to do that is through fear. (And brainwashing camps, of course, and I’m sure those are coming – but that takes time and doesn’t work on everyone.) They have to make you afraid to speak out, they have to make you afraid to even speak to one another. They have to make you afraid to even listen to what anyone else is saying.

They can’t arrest 74 million people, so they need to make targeted arrests, to make examples of people, so that the rest of the population understands that people who oppose the regime end up with very serious problems.

Primarily, they have to target intelligent people, who might pose a threat of organizing some kind of resistance to them. Peasant uprisings are an annoyance they certainly want to avoid, but a popular uprising lead by a charismatic member of the upper class is the true threat. That’s why they indicted Ricky Vaughn first. Everyone who is intelligent, and has been involved in right-wing politics for a long time knows who he is, but most normies, though they likely saw his tweets, don’t know the name and won’t understand the significance of his arrest.

The FBI Needs to Issue a List of Things You’re Not Allowed to Joke About Now

Ricky Vaughn is a legend in our circles, of course. Not only was he the most famous right-wing face on Twitter for getting news of the Jews and other cryptoids out to the public, he was also at the forefront of pushing out the weirdos after Charlottesville, when we realized we’d been infiltrated by overweight male feminists (neo-Nazis).

Here’s the other thing: after being kicked off Twitter in 2017, he WAS doxed by cowards whose names should be forgotten forever, and he stopped posting on the internet. So, the first “meme criminal” in American history is not a clear and present threat, but someone who hasn’t been active online for more than three years. That is also intended to send a message: “no, we don’t ever forget.”

Furthermore, the specific meme he was indicted on was incredibly popular. I won’t post it here, as apparently that meme is illegal, but they were posted everywhere. I don’t recall, but I think there was more than one version.

What’s more, it was very obviously a joke. This indictment says that nearly 5,000 black people (who are totally exactly the same as whites in every way, including intelligence) tried to vote by text. I haven’t read the indictment yet, but one interesting question is: “where did they get that number?” If they somehow gained access to the phone number included in the meme, and saw that 4,900 people sent the word “Hillary” to that number, that doesn’t actually prove that those people thought it was real.

This was a joke poking fun at the intelligence of black people; the idea that they would be dumb enough to think they could vote by text is funny. Actually coming out and saying “yes, black people really are this stupid, and this is no different than standing at the polling station with a gun and a sign that reads ‘no niggers allowed'” seems more racist than the meme, frankly.

Finally, the “conspiracy” charge is vague, and suggests that others who posted this meme have indictments hanging over their heads. Everyone who was on Twitter at the time is going back through their thoughts, trying to remember if they posted this meme.

The underlying point here is that this is a federal indictment for a joke image posted on the internet. We all know it was a joke, and more importantly, we all know that they know it was a joke. We all know that indicting a Trump supporter for a joke is intended to instill fear in the rest of the Trump-supporting population.

I told you hell was going to open up. I spent all summer telling you that. I stopped telling you that a few weeks before the election, because I wanted to make sure everyone voted.

But the Mouth of Hell is now open. This indictment is the Tongue of Hell sticking out and licking the Lips of Hell. It won’t be long before the Teeth of Hell start taking bites.

Things are already just about as weird as anyone could ever imagine anything being, but they’re about to get a whole lot weirder.

They have a full stack of indictments, ready to go. If you’re not a public person, well, that doesn’t mean much: they’ve also announced that they are now buying data directly from big tech companies. That means that anything you ever said on Facebook, including in the messenger, anything you ever wrote in an email using Gmail or any of the other big providers, anything that you ever typed into Google – all of that is now available for the FBI to comb through.

When people used to ask me “will going to this site get me on a list?” I would say: “no, but posting that comment probably will.” I don’t think they’re going to go after people who just looked at things, but there is a strong likelihood that if you were a big tweeter, or did any other kind of media, they’re going to come visit you, and they’re trying to figure out something to charge you with.

Hopefully, you all followed my constant advice about VPNs, Tor, etc. and there’s no trace of you.

(This is the part where the edgy holdouts start thinking “yeah, maybe I oughta reconsider that whole Jesus thing…”)

Remain Calm.

The number one most important piece of advice I’ve ever given you (aside from the Jesus part and the part about not talking to cops) is these most simple two words: remain calm.

The longer version of that is “remain calm at all times.”

All you can do is what you do is all you can do. Worrying about things never put anyone in a better situation. Worrying actually limits, if not totally prevents, your ability to act rationally. There is nothing that is worth worrying about. You must simply do what you can to protect yourself from these men, but remember that they are but men, and accept that God is in control of the rest.

Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

You’re still an American (or a European or Australian or whatever the hell you are – this same thing is going to happen everywhere), and you still have rights. They can’t take those rights away, as they were given to you by God.

Fear God alone. He’s the only one who can kill your soul and send you to hell.

If you start fearing men, then that’s when you get on the hell train.

Stay on the gravy train of justice, which we ride towards freedom.

Don’t talk to the cops.

Do not. Talk. To. The Cops.

Whatever you do.

Don’t talk to the cops.

Don’t talk to the cops.

Don’t talk to the cops.

We might be entering, right now, into just total and complete lawlessness. I thought it wouldn’t be until Kamala took over, but it could come at any time, and it might already be here.

But even if they establish that they don’t have to give you a court-appointed lawyer (which is probably still at least a year away), you still gain nothing by talking to them.

For the time being, we still have a court system, and if they’re going to indict you for memes or whatever else, any information you give them will just be used against you. Please, get that into your head. It’s going to be intimidating when the FBI shows up at your house – or more likely your work – and asks to talk to you.


  1. “Am I free to go?”
  2. “I will only speak to a court-appointed lawyer.”

Don’t forget it. It could be the difference between a few uncomfortable days and years in prison.

Furthermore, remember:

  1. Eat
  2. Drink
  3. Be merry

Ricky Vaughn is a hero, and he is a martyr.

He’s the first of many, I’m sure. But he is the first of the gang to be indicted for memes.

History will remember that.

Wait, sorry – wrong song.

I meant this one.