John McCain’s Funeral was a Funeral for the Entire Political Order

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2018

John McCain spent nearly an entire year planning his own funeral, a decadent four-day procession.

Yesterday was the final major public event, the official funeral.

The New York Times wrote a glowing review of the event, which featured both former President Bush and former President Obama, coming together to condemn Donald Trump as something fundamentally outside of the system that they both served.

The NYT had their own glowing statements to make about McCain, as the entire liberal/Jewish media has been doing for the last week:

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the two men who thwarted Mr. McCain’s ambitions to become commander in chief, stood one after the other before the nation’s elite at Washington National Cathedral on Saturday to honor the man they beat, extolling him as a one-of-a-kind figure the likes of which will not be seen again anytime soon.

That they were asked, and not the current president, spoke volumes about the man and the moment. And while neither explicitly mentioned President Trump, who, uninvited and unwelcome, went golfing instead, their tributes could hardly be heard without the unspoken contrast to the current occupant of the Oval Office, a message amplified by a more overt rebuke from the senator’s daughter.

The mourning was not directed at McCain the man, but at the system that he represented – a system where two political parties, which are more or less identical in nature, waged a fake competition in order to control and manipulate the American people while pushing an internationalist, anti-American agenda.

McCain’s overweight daughter said it best: “America was always great.”

That is, there was no reason to change anything, because everything was perfect exactly how it was before the election of Donald Trump.

We were getting flooded with infinite amounts of genetic waste from the third world, we were dying of drug overdoses in record numbers, we were poor, we were funding the entire world, we were preparing for a world war with Russia, ostensibly to protect terrorists in Syria.

And all was exactly how these people wanted it to be. This is their image of “greatness.”

But it is over now.

That America, created by the Jews, is already dead. A new America has been born. An America that aspires toward a higher purpose for the people of this country, which doesn’t seek to bleed the nation to death in order to fund an international Jewish agenda. An America which puts itself first.

This is the America that the Founding Fathers envisioned, and it was derailed by monstrous Jews and their lackeys like John McCain, Barack Obama and George Bush.

But from these ashes, we are rising again.

This was Trump’s response to the attackers at the funeral:

Whatever happens now, there is no going back to the old order.

John McCain is dead, and everything that he represented was on display at this decadent event, where the conspirators are broken, begging for a return to the normalcy of dastardliness.

God has given us a chance at redemption.

And it is up to us where we go from here.