John McCain Wins Primary, Daily Stormer Officially Endorsing Democrat

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2016


Well, this is disappointing.

Though it is what I expected.


Republican Sen. John McCain won an easy victory over his primary challenger on Tuesday in Arizona, defeating former state Sen. Kelli Ward — the most prominent anti-incumbent Senate primary challenger of 2016 — by a double-digit margin. McCain had 55 percent of the GOP vote to Ward’s 35 percent when The Associated Press called the race soon after it started tallying the votes.

It was an anticlimactic victory for McCain, who was seen at the beginning of the election cycle as the Republican senator most vulnerable to a challenge from the right. A Public Policy Polling survey last year prompted intense speculation about McCain’s future when it found 50 percent of Arizona GOP primary voters disapproving of his job performance.

But, in an early blow to her candidacy, Ward never earned the support of the conservative groups that had been involved in successful challenges to GOP senators like Indiana’s Richard Lugar, and she struggled to compete against the better-financed McCain. Senate Conservatives Fund, which warned in a fundraising letter last year that McCain was “in real trouble,” didn’t endorse her. Neither did the Club for Growth, the best-funded conservative outside group.

Despite the media’s framing this as a “decisive” victory, it is the lowest percentage he has ever gotten in a Senate election (he’s been in the Senate since 1986), and his lowest in his entire career, save his first election for the House in 1982.

Conservatism has failed. And it is dying quickly.

As I said yesterday that I would if McCain won the primary, I am officially endorsing his Democrat challenger, Ann Kirkpatrick, in the general election.

I am also hereby calling on others in the right-wing movement to do the same. Whatever negative effects a Democrat Senator might have on the government, they in no way compare to the effects of the traitor John McCain.


Shitlords United for Kirkpatrick!

So to our readers in Arizona, I strongly encourage you: when you vote for Trump this November, check the box for Ann Kirkpatrick.