John McCain Says Donald Trump Defying The Judenpresse Is “How Dictators Get Started”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2017

Did you know that John McCain and Lindsay Graham are the only two members of the Republican Party?

That’s the impression you get if you watch fake Jewish news like the (((Chuck Todd))) show. These two divas are going on every fake news TV show attacking and undermining the leader of their own party simply because he won’t initiate a nuclear exchange with Russia while replacing the population of Ames, Iowa with Hutus.

Apparently the President listening to the people instead of the marginal, unwanted opinions of Jewish liars in the controlled media is an affront to the “New World Order” (McCain’s words).

Every time I write about John McCain, I always speculate as to what kind of dirt (((they))) have on him. According to McCain’s testimony about his time as a POW in Vietnam, his prison was a den of sadistic homosexual activity. Could something have rubbed off on him, no pun intended?

Well, John McCain’s partner in crime and best friend Lindsay Graham is obviously a flaming fag. His former Chief of Staff, Mark Buse, is a queer. His daughter is a homosexual. That’s a lot of perversion in this old man’s orbit seeing as he is a GOP Senator from a deep red state.

Just the other day Ashton Kutcher, who is really dumb but apparently had good intentions, was giving a passionate, tearful speech telling the Senate to do something about all the children being abducted for prostitution and abuse.

When the hearing concluded, John McCain was unmoved. Instead, he decided to comment on how Kutcher isn’t as hot in person as he is in the movies.

No assertion here, there’s no proof of anything with Senator McCain, just don’t be surprised if he lives in a glittery apartment with a Comet Pizza take-out magnet on his refrigerator.