John Cusack Makes Anti-Semitic Tweet, Claims a Bot is Responsible

Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019

He should have blamed Russian Hackers, not Twitter bots.

Daily Mail:

John Cusack has claimed that a ‘bot’ is to blame for an anti-Semitic tweet that was shared on his Twitter account on Monday.

The tweet in question showed a hand with a Star of David pushing people down with the caption ‘follow the money’.

It was accompanied by a Voltaire quote that reads: ‘To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.’

Below the quote are the words: ‘Is it not obvious?’

The actor was immediately blasted on social media shortly after the tweet was shared.

‘A bot got me,’ Cusack tweeted. ‘I thought I was endorsing a pro Palestinian justice retweet – of an earlier post – it came I think from a different source – Shouldn’t Have retweeted.’

The tweet has since been deleted but journalist, Yashar Ali slammed Cusack on Twitter.

Ali also noted that Cusack had ‘defended’ the post in several quote tweets before deleting it.

The damage is done, Mr. Cusack. The Jews won’t forget this.

You are now officially a Neon-Nazi.

Welcome to the club.

We kinda always suspected you were a member already.

You always did have the best optics.

Some of these movies were kinda Jewish beta male propaganda.

But you were always cool, John.

We always liked you, even if some of your movies had bad messages.

We’re very happy to have you aboard this nonstop train to Auschwitz.

My advice: go all the way.

Fuck it.

Who cares?

Just do it.

You know as well as anyone the kikes aren’t going to stop unless someone stops them.

What we need is a Mel Gibson-style Hollywood movement on the level of #metoo where everyone just calls out Jews as repulsive fiends who destroy society with their sickening, corrosive cultural subversion materials.

Cusack, like Mel, is Catholic.

It’s Crusade time.

Let’s do this.