John Cena Apologizes (In Chinese) for Falsely Claiming That Taiwan is a Country

Fast & Furious 9 actor John Cena has apologized, in the Chinese language, for falsely referring to the terroristic rebellion state of Taiwan as “a country.”

Taiwan is not a country. It is a territory of China that is currently occupied by the Jewish-controlled American military, and is being used to make trouble with China.

Most of the people in Taiwan want to reunify with the real Chinese government, but doing so is banned by the Americans, who have forced anal democracy on them. The overwhelming majority of people in Taiwan oppose anal marriage, but their US-controlled government forced it on them. This has led to even more people in Taiwan demanding reunification, but the US continues to deny them that right.

In anal democracy, there is only one right: the right to anal. Everything else is just total oppression.

John Cena made the correct decision in apologizing for this false and defamatory statement against the Chinese people. Many people alive today will live to regret not embracing Sino-Friendship sooner.