Joey Salads Getting Beat-Up by Googles Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2016

Joey Salads is the best YouTuber of all.

Yesterday, we saw that the media was reporting a mass-shooting by a dot-Indian immigrant as a White Supremacist Neo-Nazi terrorist attack. That they were all lying, in concert and on purpose in order to push an anti-White narrative.

In this video, Joey demonstrates just how insane the media narrative on Black Lives Matter is – how they are just openly lying to us about what is going on.

First, he goes to a White neighborhood with a “Black Lives Matter” sign, and people respond mostly negatively, saying that it excludes the lives of other races.

This is the White mindset – “we should all be equal, people should be judged as individuals.” That is due to our having evolved in a high-trust society, where you had to deal with people on a one-to-one level, instead of on the level of groups. This aspect of our basic nature is what has been exploited by the Jews to push an “anti-racist” agenda.

Still, we see that most Whites are not comfortable with the racial revolutionary agenda of Blacks, which is different than what the media presents to us.

Joey then goes to a Black neighborhood and holds up an “All Lives Matter” sign, and is repeatedly attacked, physically. At one point he is told that only Black lives matter. He is also told that “they’re killing us everyday.”

This shows that “Black Lives Matter” is nothing more than an aggressive “Black power”-type slogan, which is not what the media is telling us.

It also demonstrates the way the minds of Blacks are being exploited by the Jew media.

Firstly, Blacks are collectivist in nature, due to their evolution which required them to identify strongly as members of a group. In Africa, small groups of people would be constantly at war with other small groups of people. So, they are told that their group is being attacked, and this resonates with them very easily.

The second thing being exploited is the extremely low intelligence of Blacks. They are incapable of critical thought or analysis, so they believe things that are obviously untrue, such as that Whites are just killing them at random.

None of what we see in this video reflects what we are being told by the Jewish media.

In fact, it is the opposite. What the Jewish media is telling us is that Whites who are against Black lives matter are against racial equality, while the Blacks who support the movement are only asking for equality.