Joe v. Diamondstein: The Landmark Case That Could Legalize Rape in All 50 States

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018

We are expected to soon see the legalization of rape in all 50 states when the Supreme Court rules in the landmark “Joe v. Diamondstein” case.

Here’s some background on that landmark case.

John Joe Found That He was an Incel, And Could Not Get Laid at All

Plantiff John Joe

The suit was filed on behalf of John Joe, a pseudonym, by his lawyer Tony Amigo.  John Joe’s real name was later leaked to the Washington Post by Dianne Feinstein, and revealed to be Victor Joe.

In 2014, Joe, while living in Phoenix, Arizona, found that no woman would have sex with him, despite the fact that he was, at the time, 25 and in relatively good shape with a good haircut.

Joe read many books by Jews about how to be a pick-up artist, and none of it seemed to work for him, despite the amount of time he spent at bars attempting to have conversations with drunk women.

He then attempted to pick-up a hooker from, but it turned out to be a swindle by Pakistanis. He was robbed of his $150.

Finally, after seeing no other option, he drove his car to the parking lot of the local high school, and found a girl roaming loose and unaccompanied by a man near the track. He dragged her behind a dumpster, but due to her screaming and his fear of punching her in the face, was unable to remove her jeans and perform the rape. He settled on masturbating onto her face.

He was caught and attacked by two Swedish exchange students who punched and kicked him, then pinned him on the ground and called the police with their cellular phones.

Joe was convicted of 37 different counts involving the botched rape, including ejaculating on the face of a minor, unwanted facial, unwanted facial on the face of a minor and premature ejaculation on the face of a minor.

The rape target, from her Instagram page. Joe’s lawyers have argued “she deserved it” because she was “asking for it,” and have submitted all her social media accounts as evidence. 

Joe was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but was released after 2 years. Upon release in 2016, he filed a federal suit against the state, arguing that no crime was committed and he had a right to rape the girl, according to the Constitution.

He also argued that his life was endangered by the fear of punching the intended target in the face, which he said was a result of “unwarranted cultural stigma against rape and the Unconstitutional laws against rape.”

He argued that the 9th and 14th Amendment were violated in his sentencing, saying that his happiness and personal liberties as well as his privacy were being invaded by the charges.

Federal Judge Sheldon Diamondstein ruled against him.

Judge Sheldon Diamondstein

Now, the case is headed to the Supreme Court, where conservatives are looking forward to the legalization of rape.

Justice Kavanaugh’s Deep Interest in the Joe Case

Justice Kavanaugh, then Brett Kavanaugh, published multiple op-eds condemning the “despicable pest” Judge Diamondstein over the ruling, claiming that the ruling was “yet another case of a dirty kike Jewing-over the goyim.”

It is believed that his passion for the Joe case, as well as his alcoholism and bad temperament, is why Trump chose him for the Supreme Court.

Justice Kavanaugh is unrepentantly pro-rape.

Now, it’s facing his court, and Kavanaugh is very excited to get a ruling on it that will legalize rape of all women “caught on the loose.” That is, any woman who is not accompanied by a male guardian in a public space will be an open target for any man interested in taking her.

The Court’s Argument

According to the Court, “the restrictive criminal rape laws in effect in a majority of States today are of relatively recent vintage.” Providing a historical analysis on rape, Justice Neil Gorsuch noted that rape was “resorted to without scruple” in Greek and Roman times. Gorsuch also addressed the permissive and restrictive rape attitudes and laws throughout history, noting the disagreements among leaders (of all different professions) in those eras and the formative laws and cases.

In the United States, in 1821, Connecticut passed the first state statute criminalizing rape. Every state had rape legislation by 1900. In the United States, rape was sometimes considered a common law crime, though Justice Kavanaugh will conclude that the criminalization of rape did not have “roots in the English common-law tradition.” Rather than arresting the men doing the raping, legal officials were more likely to interrogate these men to obtain evidence against the woman who was walking around on the loose in order to rough her up again.

Historically, the normal response to a woman being on the loose was to punch her in the face and rape her.

Though all five conservative Justices are said to have already written their opinions ruling in favor of Joe, they will hear testimony this week anyway, because Justice Kavanaugh says he thinks it will be funny to “watch these whores moan.”

Four of the Judges say that a ban on rape is of a violation of the 9th Amendment, which ensures “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

Justice Alito, however, argues that the ruling should be focused on the 14th Amendment, which ensures the right to privacy.

“The man was behind a dumpster while trying to perform the rape, and these Swedes had no right to impose on him, nor did the state of Arizona,” Alito has said.

Kavanaugh, who is aggressively pro-rape, worries that a ruling based purely on privacy will be weaker, and not give men “the absolute right” to rape. He has responded to Alito’s dissent by making threatening phone calls to his home in the middle of the night, and has parked a menacing black van out in front of his house.

All five Justices agree that the outlawing of rape represents a clear and present danger to the lives of men, who could easily injure themselves by performing an illegal rape. Joe’s story of being afraid to punch the girl he was trying to rape, even while she was scratching him, is being called “the smoking gun”, as this is an issue of men’s survival.

“Men are going to commit rape whether it’s legal or not, and our first priority needs to be ensuring their safety,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts. “If men are afraid to punch a woman in the face while they’re raping her, they could have their eyes scratched out and their throats ripped open. Rape is only going to be safe once it is legal.”

The claws of a female human are potentially lethal, the court argues.

Furthermore, Justice Kavanaugh has gone so far as to argue that the 1st and 2nd Amendment, the right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms also ensure the right to rape, saying that “rape is a form of political speech against vile sluts” and that “a man’s cock is his gun, and he has a right to bear it on whomstever loose skank he wishes.”

He has stated that “pretty much every single motherfucking sentence in the entire Constitution” can be used to support a man’s right to rape.

The liberals on the court have argued that rape violates a woman’s 9th Amendment rights. However, the conservatives make it clear that a woman’s right to not be raped cannot override a man’s right to rape, with Kavanaugh saying “negative or reverse rights only exist in bizarro world.”

Furthermore, Justice Kavanaugh has said that “women cannot have rights because they are not people.”

Justice Kavanaugh has said that Judge Diamondstein will be forced to pay restitutions to Joe in the form of “a pound of flesh.” He has also stated that he wants to have the Swedes who interfered with Joe’s rape, who are now back in Sweden, extradited to the US to “be hanged in the public square” to “serve as an example for any eurofag or any kind of faggot for that matter who wants to fuck with our freedoms.”

Justice Kavanaugh believes strongly in bringing execution back to the public square.

Swedish authorities have said that they will not extradite citizens to face the death penalty in America for any crime, especially not for “interfering with a rape.”

Kavanaugh, in turn, has publicly called on Donald Trump to “drop a nuclear bomb on Stockholm.”