Joe Rogan Says People Hate Chris Pratt Because He’s a Christian

Joe still does some nice things.

Actually, in fact – I’m 100% for Joe because he’s anti-vax. I can’t even remember the gay shit he did that I was angry about anymore.

But I will never download Spotify.

Never, no matter what happens in this universe, will I ever download Spotify.

Daily Caller:

Joe Rogan talked about how Chris Pratt is the “nicest guy” and said the left attacks him because the actor “believes in Jesus” and is “open” about his faith.

During a clip from “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast posted Tuesday on YouTube, the host talked about meeting the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star when the two went hunting for elk once and said Pratt is “nice to everybody.”

“Even Chris Pratt gets in trouble because he’s Christian,” Rogan explained, as his guest Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann noted how the 42-year-old actor was called the “worst Chris” in Hollywood.

The host said Chris is the “nicest guy” he’s “ever met in his life” and said that he “doesn’t give a fuck what” those who don’t like the superstar actor “think.”

“They’re all insane people that hate their jobs that are sitting in front of the cubicle, when their boss isn’t looking they’re tweeting bad things about Chris Pratt,” Joe said. “He’s not done nothing. He’s so nice.”

“He’s kind of outside the lines in terms of his ideology,” he added. “He’s a Christian and pretty open about it, and because of that they attack him.”

“It’s something so simple, like he just believes in Jesus,” the comedian continued. “And he likes, you know, he likes to be a good person and they’re like ‘fuck him!’”

Thank you, Joe.

Joe is apparently hard to cancel, but it’s kind of surprising Chris hasn’t been yet.

I think he’s not actually starring in the third Jurassic World movie, which is probably a blessing (it’s an “ensemble”).

Kinda cool to bring back Sam Neill though.

I’ll watch it.

He’s also doing the voice of Mario.

Pratt’s wife, who was about 6 notches below him on the 1-10 scale, divorced him when she was 41.

Sad about their son, but she has a right to find happiness, you know? And maybe she can do better? Find a man who really makes her truly happy all the time forever?

The only problem I have with Pratt is that he doesn’t talk publicly about the fact he’s on steroids.

I’m against steroids, but I can at least understand doing cycles if you’re in superhero movies.

He goes off cycle when he’s not filming (which is a lot healthier, probably).

But people should be honest.

How many men think his body is natural and he just ate lean chicken breast and used the pec deck?

It’s humiliating to men to go to the gym and work hard and then feel confused as to why their bodies don’t look like people who are using these drugs.

Another thing I respect about Joe Rogan – he admits constantly that he’s on TRT and says it’s the only reason his body looks like it does. I don’t think I know of any other celebrities that say that.