Joe Rogan: “It’s All These White Kids Stealing Sneakers!”

The above video is from last year, but has been making the rounds lately.

It’s very funny.

In reference to the BLM riots, Joe Rogan says “I might have seen four black people – it’s all these white kids, stealing sneakers.”

Rogan confuses me, and I have ultimately come to the conclusion that he is simply stupid. He makes these outrageous and ridiculous leftist statements (with a clear wink-wink to the audience) in order to attempt to give himself room to make right-wing comments without getting totally banned.

But this is a coward’s strategy, and he is in the end left needing to apologize for his right-wing statements, every time.

Last week, Rogan claimed that the vaccine is causing variants, and that mandatory vaxx is “the first step to dictatorship.”

These are light comments by our standards here at Hoax Watch, but to the normie, this is no different than denial of the six trillion Jew-skin lampshades that were personally stitched by Adolf Hitler’s dog during the winter of 1944, when the war was lost and the Führer and his diabolical shepherd had resigned themselves to simply making as many lampshades as possible before the walls closed in.

The dogs have been released on the stoned moron Rogan, yet again, and he may barely escape this one with an apology.

The wilier skank sees this as an opportunity to bank bucks, of course.

Spotify has barely been holding onto their milking cow Joe, for which they paid $100,000,000.

We’ve heard recently that their own employees are in revolt, demanding Joe be silenced, and this latest blasphemy against the Holy Church of the Sacred Needle does not make matters any better.

An apology is on the way, and it probably already happened and I just missed it.

But how many more of these can he get away with?

Frankly, at this point, I would just as soon see Rogan go down, given that he is the single most popular person in the world, and is too cowardly to use his position for any real resistance to an agenda he himself opposes.

He deserves to be censored into oblivion, according to the universe’s basic moral order, but his banning would also serve to wake up a few idiots to the dire nature of our current situation – the fact that we are entering at rocket speed into a brutal situation of total government control, where the people will have no ability to even speak against the system with the most mild criticism.