Joe Rogan is Getting $100,000,000 Richer – Will His Show Become 100,000,000 Times More Boring?

Joe Rogan is getting paid over $100,000,000 to move his show to Spotify, exclusively. This means that he will no longer be on iTunes or YouTube, and in order to listen to or watch the video on Spotify you will have to login to Spotify. It will still be free, but you’ll have to have an account.

For me, this will probably cut out my Joe Rogan Experience completely, as I’ve only ever listened to it in the background on YouTube when something interested me. I’m sure many others are in that boat, and Rogan’s audience will likely shrink by 30-50%, if I were to guess off the top of my head. If I were already enormously wealthy, as Joe Rogan is, there would be no amount of money that would be worth cutting off a third or half of my audience. This really speaks to how shallow of a person Joe Rogan is.

I also suspect that he will become even more of a shill as part of this $100,000,000 deal. He’s claiming publicly that he’s going to maintain full creative control, but in no situation does a company give you $100,000,000 and let you keep full creative control. Notice that in the above clip announcing the move, he doesn’t even bother to mention the amount of money he’s getting, which was reported by the Wall Street Journal as being OVER $100,000,000.

He is always cagey about how wealthy he is, continuing to play up this image of being a normal guy. He is extremely insecure, which is why the money and the relationships with Hollywood people and politicians is so important to him.

Rogan recently faced backlash from fans for bragging about how many coronavirus tests he’s taken, which is something normal people do not have access to. If he didn’t pretend not to be rich, no one would be mad when he flaunted his wealth. The fact that he is now ultra-wealthy is something that obviously speaks to his ability to be a neutral voice, given that in this corrupt anti-freedom system we live in, the only way you can get that wealthy is by joining a criminal cartel.

The show just keeps getting worse and worse, and although he did allow Elon Musk to go on recently and state his views on coronavirus, he set the show up in such a way as the media could avoid reporting on anything Elon said about the virus. The show should have been billed as “Elon denounces coronavirus hoax,” instead Joe made the first half of it about Elon’s businesses which no one wanted to hear, then the media only reported on that. Rogan also thwarted Elon in his speech about the virus.

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A Peek at How a Capitalist Economy is Supposed to Work

Despite Rogan selling out, his success does give us a view into the kind of society we could have if our country was not so rotten with corruption.

Rogan is a normal guy, a failed actor and boxer who started a podcast in his 40s and became the most popular broadcaster in the world (on his own merit, before selling out, he was already the most popular). His success is an example of capitalism at work, and the fact that others aren’t allowed to achieve this same level of success is proof that we don’t have anything resembling “capitalism.”

What we have is a bizarre cross between libertarianism and socialism, which gives us the absolute worst of both systems.

In the original theories about capitalism, the government had a role to play in industry by cracking down on what are known as “anti-competitive practices” which relate to monopoly or oligopoly behavior. Look at what happened to Alex Jones and the Daily Stormer – we were both extremely successful on merit and we were both thwarted, our success taken from us, by monopolistic companies who are our direct competitors. The mainstream media openly and publicly lobbied the tech companies to silence us and effectively steal our businesses out from under us. This is not a behavior that would ever be allowed in a real capitalist system, as it is a direct attack on market competition.

There are many such cases. In corrupt America, small businesses that are successful are virtually always bought out by the monopolies or simply crushed by them. This removes competition and makes our society less functional and poorer.

Joe Rogan probably didn’t sell out for money. He could have made the money by keeping to his original model. The reason he joined up with various Jewish gatekeepers such as Sam Harris, Dave Ruben and Ben Shapiro – men with direct connections to the ruling elite – appears to be so that he could keep from being banned from everything in the way Alex Jones and the Daily Stormer were banned from everything. Everyone who is not a part of the system eventually gets banned. I was banned for politically incorrect humor, Alex Jones was banned for allegedly insensitive conspiracy theories. This message was echoed by the media, who was portraying the Joe Rogan show as “dangerous.”

Joe Rogan was listed alongside Daily Stormer, Alex Jones and several over now-banned entities in the papers of several think tanks and research groups that were attempting to shut down all non-establishment media content on the internet. Rogan was accused of being a “gateway to hatred” or some such thing. Then he became close with these Jews, who introduced him to the Zionist Jew New York Times journalist Bari Weiss, and this led to positive coverage of his show in the New York Times.

He has, over the last few years, removed all of his politically incorrect speech from the show, along with most of his conspiracies. Now the show is nowhere near as interesting as it was before he sold out – or bought in, as it were – but he’s protected and is now promoted by the establishment monopolies in a way that ensures he will maintain success despite the quality of the show having gone down.

Spotify is claiming that they’re going to host Rogan’s entire back catalog – however, I seriously doubt that when they say “all,” they mean “all.” For example, I would go out on a limb and guess that the 2013 interview with Dr. Peter Duesberg, an AIDS denialist, will not make the jump.

That’s just one example. Although Rogan was never as politically incorrect as the site used to be, there was a lot of stuff on there – political stuff, “sexist” stuff, conspiracy theories, edgy humor – that is not allowed in the mainstream, and that was his most interesting content and what made him popular. That content is now all gone.

This is not how capitalism is supposed to work. Capitalism would mean that his show was the most popular because of the content and that was that – the people had chosen to make him successful based on the product he was producing. But in this system he can be destroyed by an alliance of powerful interests if he doesn’t go along with the program. So he has to change his content from what was popular to less popular content in order to maintain his ability to operate his business. The really incredible thing, and the final proof that this system is not “capitalism” by anyone’s definition other than some blue-haired college student’s, is that he is getting more money and more influence while producing content that is less popular in an open marketplace of ideas.

A few massive multi-billion dollar companies run by an ethnic mafia controlling all of the media is not “capitalism.” Though it is technically an oligopoly, given the way these companies cooperate with each other, not competing with each other aggressively while working together to smother any competition they might collectively face, having the religious bond of Judaism through which to network with one another, they effectively function no differently than a monopoly. It might as well be a single media company that controls everything.

Adam Smith himself, considered the founder of modern capitalist theory, wrote extensively against monopolies and said that the formation of monopolies has to be restricted by the government in order for capitalism to function. In actual fact, in “Wealth of Nations,” Smith identified monopolies as the defining characteristic of the mercantile system he was opposing.

The reason that monopolies are so destructive is that they are able to destroy their competition and thus competition itself cannot exist alongside monopolies. Given that competition is the entire purpose of capitalism, a market lockdown such as we have in virtually every single industry in America is fundamentally incompatible with capitalism.

The lack of the ability to compete not only destroys the quality of goods and services, but crushes the ability of individuals to make their own small businesses, which destroys social mobility and leads to the wealth inequality that the socialists rant about. The goal now is to provoke the masses of people into demanding socialism in response to this corruption, and that will then give the government more power over people’s lives while simply reinforcing the power of these monopoly corporations.

If this dynamic is not obvious to you already, then you can simply observe the fact that Jeff Bezos, who became the richest man in the world by running Amazon, a company that has become a monopoly in multiple different industries, owns the Washington Post, a propaganda outlet that consistently pushes for the establishment of socialism in America.

Even many right-wingers are now opposed to “capitalism,” but what they are actually opposing is not capitalism, but the corrupt anti-market monopoly system which is in league with the corrupt criminal government. What has happened is that the government has deregulated the market, deregulated international trade, thus removing the checks that make capitalism work as capitalism, and we now have a type of feudalism where the criminal elite in business work with the criminal elite in the government (individuals are very often switching back and forth from work in these two mafias) to screw over the people.

There is no way that people, if given the choice, would choose Sean Hannity over Alex Jones. No one would choose Breitbart over Daily Stormer. But the people don’t have a choice, because the monopoly companies have chosen for them. Most conservatives are confused about what is going on, and continue to support the corrupt system which is pretending to be capitalism because they don’t know what capitalism is.

However, in the very near future, no one is going to be able to support any system, because there is only going to be one system: we’re all going to be dependent on the government in order to have a home and food, and they are just going to do whatever they want to us. Conservatives are either going to go on welfare, or they’re going to starve to death. That is purely because of the actions of this criminal government, which enacted full martial law, saying they were protecting us from catching the flu, and collapsed the entire economy.

The remarkable thing that you will notice is that absolutely none of these multinational corporations, which are ostensibly losing massive amounts of money because of this shutdown, are protesting it. Except for Elon Musk, who is simply the exception that proves the rule. This is because they’re all in on it together, and these companies have already been guaranteed a role in this new world order that is being established. Musk is standing up to it because he is a good person who believes in freedom and doesn’t want his children growing up in a nightmare dystopia.

Whatever this new system that’s coming in is, it is definitely not going to be capitalism or anything resembling that. Most of the dreams of the socialists are going to be fulfilled. We are going to get some form of UBI, we’re going to get completely socialized healthcare, we’re going to get government housing and basically everything else these people have demanded. They’re probably even going to do a ban on evictions, which is effectively an end to the concept of private property.

So, we’ll get to test all of this stuff and see if it creates a utopia. Bernie Sanders is really excited about it.

I have a feeling the end result is just going to be a lot less freedom, a lot more poverty, a lot more drug abuse and a lot more human suffering. But who knows. Maybe it will be a true utopia. If it is, I will be the first to admit I was wrong.

Unfortunately, whatever is happening, you’re not going to be able to count on Joe Rogan to give you any interesting information about it. Instead, he’ll be there encouraging you to smoke weed as you’re subjected to total slavery and ponder new age nonsense in your room alone.