Joe Rogan Calls in Sneaky Orthodox Jew, Gives Him Two Hour Lecture on Psychedelic Drugs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2019

Joe Rogan interviewed Ben Shapiro again this week.

It was a bizarre fiasco.

Rogan started off by giving a very long lecture to Shapiro about the proper use of psychedelic drugs.

Rogan then demanded that Shekels Ben explain why it is that orthodox Jews do not allow anal marriage.

Instead, he should have been asking him why orthodox Jews are constantly sodomizing small boys.

That’s the number one question I’d be asking an orthodox Jew if one ever agreed to a meeting in my office.

“First things first, Jew, why do you sodomize 7-year-old boys in your bathhouse?”

Imagine if Joe had just dropped that bomb live on air.

Benny is always so cool and collected, with a quick quip for everything.

But I think that one would make him sweat.

It’s just such a widespread phenomenon that it is wholly impossible that he hasn’t personally encountered it – if not had it done to him/done it to some boy.

Anyway, the conversation was stupid, and basically, drug use and “gay marriage” were the only two topics. I didn’t really realize how shitty Ben Shapiro’s actual positions are on those issues however. He literally supports both legalization of drugs and legalized anal marriage – he just says he’s personally against them.

It is just so obvious that Jews – even “conservative Jews” – do not believe that we have a society. If you support legalizing drugs and gay marriage, you do not support the existence of a society.

Basically, Shapiro is just a complete con artist, and that really comes across in this interview if you’re not retarded, due to Rogan’s freeform style and the inability for Shapiro to be prepared for his weird lines of questioning.

Firstly, I will say that I think Shapiro actually is a conservative Jew. I think he is actually against drug use and homosexuality for Jews.

So, because he supports these positions for Jews, he’s able to talk without actually lying, most of the time.

When he says he is against these things but thinks they should be legal anyway, the obvious question would be: “well, what about in Israel?”

That would trip him up.

Someone should ask him that on a college tour.

That’s where the lies are. When he pretends to care about the goyim. He is just generalizing his views on Jewish preferred behavior to the goyim, and using this “Judeo-Christian values” bit that Jews do when they are trying to convince idiot Christians to support them.

Overall, this is a relatively sophisticated bit. Both because he actually believes the basic things he is saying, and because he’s good at lying and coming up with complex explanations for obvious lies. The explanation for “keeping the government out of morality” just winds around bends and meadows until you’re not sure what you just listened to, but you’re left with the impression that it was very heavy.

The real question here is: how can anyone not be repulsed by him?

He is just such a shifty-eyed little rat.

He just looks like something that would crawl out of the shadows of an alley in 17th century Warsaw, covered in rags and offering you sex with a midget for two shillings.

His version of orthodox letting him cut his beard and not wear the lox is definitely a major boon for his operation.

If you were able to see him in his natural state, there would be no denying what he was.