Joe Biden’s Twitter Account is Still Spreading the Michael Brown Hoax

Joe Biden’s Twitter account – which I think it’s pretty safe to assume is not run by Joe Biden – is spreading the Michael Brown “hands up – don’t shoot” hoax that was debunked over five years ago.

Michael Brown, you will recall, robbed a Pakistani store in Ferguson, Missouri. He was then approached by a police officer, who he attacked. He was slamming Officer Darren Wilson’s head into the concrete when he was shot to death in self-defense.

Is Joe Biden dredging up this hoax actually even news?

It’s unbelievable to me that anyone would ever bring up Michael Brown in any context other than to say, “these Black Lives Matter killings tend to turn out to be hoaxes, like with Michael Brown and the whole ‘hands up’ hoax.”

But we’re living in an alternate reality, where facts are now racist.

It’s gotten so bad, that bringing up the Michael Brown hoax like he was truly a “Gentle Giant” almost seems quaint.

We know it’s a hoax, but maybe a lot of low IQ people don’t remember that it was a hoax, they just remember the emotions they felt when CNN kept saying “WHITE POLICE OFFICER KILLED AN UNARMED BLACK CHILD, SHOOTING HIM DOWN IN THE STREET FOR NO REASON.”

Trying to confuse people with a hoax you figure maybe they forget the details of is a lot different than saying that riots that they’re watching on TV, being carried out by black people and Antifa, are part of a white supremacist conspiracy, as a sitting Senator recently claimed. That came after the Mayor of Richmond made the same claim.

A top Jewish Congressman recently claimed that the riots in Portland were “a myth.”

Then you have the government forcing the collapse of the entire US economy and driving the entire population into a state of psychosis because of a mild flu.

You have Biden himself, who is completely senile and everyone knows it, being the frontrunner in the US presidential election.

Everything is so completely insane, it’s impossible to really look at someone attempting to resurrect the Michael Brown hoax as a big deal.

If anything, Biden’s Twitter account trying to resurrect this hoax highlights the sort of hoaxing that was going on in 2019, which now seems charming and inoffensive, like a practical joke your grandpa would play on his Jack Russell Terrier dog.