Joe Biden’s Border Crisis is a Top Story

Joe Biden announced he was opening up the border to everyone, then give everyone who came into the country citizenship and total welfare benefits, and the media is now pretending to be shocked that this policy resulted in millions of people showing up at the border.

There are many articles criticizing the policy being published over the weekend, which is somewhat surprising.

The best headline was the North Korea style CNN headline:

They are claiming now that Biden has ordered the border shut down while he “scrambles” to find places to put the tens of thousands of unarmed children who have flooded into the country.

Of course, shutting down the open border just increases illegal crossings.

It could be as many as a million people a month making illegal crossings right now, meaning that more than 10 million people could cross in 2021.

That really is an amazing figure, which would probably make even a few remaining liberals say “wait, are we just allowing the entirety of the third world free access? Is that sustainable?”

Of course, there is no longer any pretense of sustainability.

The long term plan here is to make America ungovernable, and then turn over governance of the country to these various organizations linked to the UN and the EU, who will then work with Silicon Valley to implement a global high tech police state.

If you understand what is going on, what the end goals are, all of this “oh Joe Biden accidentally had a problem, now he’s doing a solution” talk becomes so very insulting.