Zombie Joe: Biden Wins HUGE in South Carolina! Anal Pete Refuses to Quit!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2020

9:11 AM

Pete “Anal Pete” Buttigieg pictured smiling after eating a man’s semen.

Anal Pete is a bottom you can’t keep down.

The Guardian:

Pete Buttigieg will not drop out of the race to be the Democratic presidential nominee, despite finishing well behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

“Every day we are in this campaign is a day that we have reached the conclusion that pushing forward is the best thing we can do for the country and for the party,” he insisted on NBC’s Meet the Press.

The South Carolina result firmly established Biden as the frontrunner for the centrist wing of the Democratic party, which is attempting to fend off Vermont senator Sanders, a self-declared socialist, heading into the key Super Tuesday contests next week.

The billionaire Tom Steyer, who had the third most support in South Carolina with 11%, dropped out on Saturday night. Buttigieg had an even worse performance, getting 8% of the vote to Biden’s 48% and Sanders’ 20%.

He is going to prevent Biden from getting everything on Super Tuesday.

Basically, any actually intellectual supporter of “moderatism” is going to side with Pete’s anus. Because he is the ideal technocrat. It speaks to how stupid this system actually is that these people can’t have their candidate who represents them because they have to have the support of the blacks and the blacks don’t like butt stuff.

3:07 AM

Well, that’s one Jew billionaire out.

New York Post:

Billionaire investor Tom Steyer dropped out of the Democratic presidential race in the wake of a crushing loss in South Carolina’s primary Saturday — with, he said, “zero regrets.”

“There is no question today that this campaign, we were disappointed with where we came out,” Steyer told supporters in Columbia, South Carolina.

Steyer had racked up just over 11 percent of the vote with 66 percent of precincts reporting — missing the 15 percent cutoff to claim any statewide delegates — despite the $23.6 million he poured into advertising in the Palmetto State.

He’s the second Jew to drop out after Marianne Williamson.

We’ve still got Jews Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders in the race.

Jews are 2% of the population by 50% of presidential candidates. Must be because they’re smarter than us.

12:14 AM

With 99% reporting in in South Carolina on Sunday morning, Joe Biden has a staggering 48.4% of the vote, being trailed by Bernie Sanders with a mere 19.9% of the vote.

There is a big enough gap between the projections and this win by Biden that I literally do not believe it is real. I have not seen information about the meddling of the Democrat establishment, but I’m sure I will see it soon, and I’m relatively sure it will convince me that this is a hoax.

Biden was expected to win this, but not by such a margin, and we’ve already seen meddling in other states.

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