Joe Biden Will Do Fine. He’s Fine. It’s All Fine. Don’t Worry About It.

A video clip of Joe Biden at a recent public appearance seemingly acting like he was very confused and didn’t know where he was went viral on Twitter this week.

Biden says: “Ehbedit. I’ve taken this beyond where it was supposed to go, see ya’ll.”

The sound then cuts out.

Biden then picks up a folder off of a desk.

After picking up the folder, he looks around for several seconds, seeming to not know where he is.

He then walks off the stage, chuckling, as if thinking “oh I remember, I’m president and those folks are citizens, haha.”

This is a pretty typical “viral Biden moment.” Everyone is aware that he’s nearly 80 years old and is completely senile. He has moments of vague lucidity, before slipping back into confusion, as is the case with everyone with advanced dementia. Gradually, the moments of lucidity will become further and further apart, until he slips into a vegetable like state.

What is very bizarre is that Twitter decided to label the video, which currently has 3 million views, “manipulated media.”

It was not clear from the footage that anything had been “manipulated.”

Apparently, the “manipulation” is in reference to the fact that the sound was removed, and that the video zoomed in on Biden’s face.

The uploader of the clip, Josh Lekach, responded to Twitter’s label by explaining the point of the clip was to highlight the confused expression on Biden’s face.

He then posted a longer version of the clip, where he does not zoom in or cut the sound.

In this longer, zoomed-out, full-sound clip, Joe Biden does not appear any less confused.

Twitter is getting crazy with the “manipulated media” label, as they assume the position of “total arbiters of reality.”

Basically, what you are witnessing with social media is that there was this brief period where normal people were allowed to influence the public conversation. Before that period, the public conversation was moderated by the legacy media – television and newspapers.

During this period when normal people were allowed to freely influence the public conversation, everything basically went haywire. People started speaking out against Jews, against the government, against immigrants. They started reexamining all of the things that they had been told, and found that many of these things were untrue.

What social media is doing now is bringing itself back in line with the old system, where a handful of media elites determined what was true, and what was real.

For example, the media has claimed that it is a matter of fact that Joe Biden is mentally fit. He is assuming the presidency as clear-headed as Mike Ditka was during the first quarter of Super Bowl XX.

This is obviously an utterly deranged claim, and Joe Biden is again, self-evidently slipping into an extreme state of dementia. However, there remains a large number of people on earth who will believe something because it appears to have come from a source of authority, and because they believe that other people believe it.

Most people believe things for social reasons, in fact. Whether or not Joe Biden has dementia does not immediately or obviously affect the personal life of the average person, so if they believe that it is morally good to believe that Joe Biden is as sharp as Rambo’s knife, they will believe that.

It’s the same with global warming, the election, racial oppression – all of this other stuff.

The one thing that is really beginning to affect people’s lives is the coronavirus hoax, but many are still willing to go along with that, because they think it is morally good to do so.

That is what democracy is all about: it is about convincing the mob of peasants that certain beliefs that benefit the ruling elite are beliefs that the general population holds, and that these beliefs signal moral goodness, in that they signal that you are a cooperative and social member of the society.

As I’ve said a trillion times: democracy is “rule by media.” The reason is that the overwhelming majority of people form their beliefs based on those two stated factors:

  1. What they believe others believe
  2. What they believe is morally good to believe

Those are in fact the same thing, in the minds of the people, because the core of morality is fitting in with the group.

We are social animals.

What the internet briefly allowed was a situation where a person could be led to believe that a large group of other people believed something different than the thing that the ruling elite wanted them to believe, which meant that they could also believe that thing, without violating any innate human sense of social morality.

That is pretty much gone now.

The seriously unfortunate thing about this situation is that we no longer have any other means of communication, other than those controlled by the ruling elite. Back in the days of television and newspapers, there were still a lot of real life meetup places, where people would get together and talk about things. This allowed for groups of people to develop their own group consensuses that were different from those of the media.

We no longer have that ability, because everyone moved from the real world onto the internet for most social communication.

That’s a point I’ve been trying to make: this is not just a crackdown on publishing, as one normally thinks of censorship as being; it is a crackdown on interpersonal communication.

The first time someone sent me a screenshot of being blocked from sending a link to the Daily Stormer in a private Facebook message, my eyes bugged out of my head. They are attempting now to lock us all in these mind-cages, where all sense input is approved by the rulers.

This is all going to get very weird.

As society fractures, as these social consensuses start to decay, expect them to start relying heavily on paranoia as a means to control people.