Joe Biden Wants to Attack Bitcoin Over Fake Ransomware Hacks

Joe Biden is famous as an “anal president.” He loves it when anuses are penetrated by penises.

In particular, he wishes to help homosexual men penetrate the anuses of small boys.

Shockingly, however, he is looking for the anus of Bitcoin – because he plans to shove a penis into it!

Coin Telegraph:

United States President Joe Biden will speak directly about cryptocurrency and its role in the attack on the Colonial Pipeline and other ransomware breaches, according to Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.

In a White House press briefing on Monday, Sullivan said U.S. officials, seemingly including Biden, would like to see an action plan regarding ransomware attacks during the president’s visit to the G-7 summit this weekend. The national security adviser said this plan should address the resilience of such attacks, how to share information with other democracies and “how to deal with the cryptocurrency challenge.”

Sullivan said crypto “lies at the core of how these ransom transactions are played out,” citing cyberattacks as a “national security priority” for the U.S. government — particularly, for “critical infrastructure.” His remarks follow hackers breaching the network behind the Colonial Pipeline in May, reportedly forcing the firm to pay $4.4 million in ransom.

“It’s gotta become a priority on a going forward basis,” said Sullivan, referring to the G-7 addressing such ransomware attacks. He described the issue as a “different order of magnitude of a security threat that the alliance has to concern itself with in a way that it hasn’t historically.”

President Biden has, as an individual, largely been silent on crypto and blockchain both as vice president under former President Barack Obama and during his campaign for office. Last July, then-candidate Biden said he didn’t hold Bitcoin (BTC), following a massive hack that took over high-profile accounts and asked their followers to send crypto.

However, his administration is reportedly reviewing existing rules around crypto and determining whether new restrictions are needed to protect investors following volatility in the market.

Seeing a government attack could lower the price of Bitcoin.

However: seeing this may also encourage adoption by countries that do not want to be buried by the anal system.

Joe Biden has declared that the entire earth must go “full anal,” and many people are not interested in this. Several nations wish to protect the anuses of their small boys from the Biden agenda. Those nations may in fact decide to push back by propping up Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is being endorsed by the amazing and totally legitimate nation of El Salvador, for instance. El Salvador is currently using the American dollar as its national currency.

It would clearly make sense for the rest of the non-anal nations to embrace Bitcoin.

It works as money. We all understand the reasons behind it: it breaks the fiat currency banking hegemony. It is there, waiting to be used to break the entire system of banking.

Of course, they want to destroy it. They want to come out with some stupid hacking hoax obviously done by the CIA and cockblock it.

However – I think the rest of the world is getting on board sooner rather than later.

Bitcoin is invincible. Bitcoin solves the problem of Jew bankers.

It is an anti-anal solution to the anal world of Jim Biden.

Or should I say… Joe Biden?

We need to talk about the other Biden.