Joe Biden Walked Right Into That “Funded by Wall Street” Thing

When Joe Biden did the whole “funded by Wall Street” thing at the debate on Thursday, he might as well have been talking about Trump “lording it over us in his fancified horseless carriage.” People aren’t really doing the whole “Wall Street” bit anymore. These days, people are primarily looking at tech companies as the source of evil on the earth. Liberals are just claiming that all white men who have enough money to pay rent are the source of evil.

I haven’t seen Wall Street memes in years.

“Wall Street doesn’t care about Main Street” is still true and still potentially relevant, but it isn’t what is on people’s minds.

Trump wasn’t going to bring it up, because he is in touch with the current concerns of the people.

All Biden did by bringing this up was walk straight into a very uncomfortable fact-check.

Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden tried to play the old Barack Obama line and claim that Trump was the candidate of Wall Street. Trump rightly pointed out that Biden was full of malarkey.

“You’re the one that takes the money from Wall Street, not me,” Trump said in an overstatement, but he still provided a correction.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Biden has out-raised Trump by nearly 50% from the broader financial sector, $32.8 million for Biden to $21.6 million for Trump.

From the narrower “securities and investment” industry, Biden’s advantage is much larger, $8.0 million to $1.9 million, more than 4-to-1. A 4-to-1 advantage in Wall Street money is huge, and so it’s simply audacious that Biden would imply Trump was the Wall Street candidate.

Among commercial banks, Biden leads 2-to-1. Venture capital? Biden leads 7-to-1. From hedge funds, Biden’s cash advantage is even bigger.

Joe Biden got his son Hunter a job as a credit card company consultant when the crackhead was 21 – all the way back in 2001 – when he was pushing through a bill written by the credit card companies.

In 2008, when Biden was added to the Obama ticket, the NYT said that this is one of the things Obama was most concerned about.

Joe Biden said his average donation is $47. Do people not know that this “average donation” thing is fake? In current year, with the internet, how could people not know that?

Does Biden know about the internet?

Or are Democrat voters just too stupid and evil to be able to look up basic information, what with Google now censoring so heavily?

I will tell you that when Biden pulled out the mask, it would have been a lot more awesome if he’d pulled out a Guy Fawkes mask.

And then put it on.

It would have covered up his chuckling, which I’m sure his advisors told him to lay off with.

The guy’s mumbling incoherently, talking about the evil of the universe, then chuckling. He must have been thinking about how much he loves ice cream.