Joe Biden to Pope: “You’re the Famous African-American Baseball Player in America”

After a 75-minute meeting with the Anal Pope, who is known to many as “Pope Anus” and “The Holy Brown Eye,” Joe Biden made a peculiar statement to the renegade pervert: “You’re the famous African-American baseball player in America.”

I don’t know what that means – but it happened.

To quote every Holocaust survivor who ever wrote a memoir or appeared in an interview or a public speaking engagement: “It’s unbelievable, but it’s true.”

However, before we assume that Joe Biden is just babbling incoherently, as is his general technique, we should ask if perhaps this was not some kind of coded language. Perhaps a pedophile code.

Pictured: A young girl attempting to make other plans after Joe Biden whispered “portal bridge” into her ear.

I was reminded of: “Hello Mother Leopard, I have your cub. You must protect her, but that will be expensive. 10,000 kola nuts, wrapped in brown paper. Midnight, behind the box. I’ll be the hyena, you’ll see.”

(Wait, is that code, or is that song actually about a hyena kidnapping a leopard cub? I miss 00s indie rock 😩. At least we still have Kurt Vile. Let’s just hope “Bottle It In” was some bizarre accident and we’ll be resuming normal programming soon.)

I can’t even think of anything Joe Biden could have been trying to communicate.

Like, usually these clips are either just non-words (gibberish sounds), or something where you can understand where his mind was in connection to his speech (running for Senator against the other Biden).

But telling the Pope he’s an African-American baseball player is off the goop.