Joe Biden Still Hasn’t Called Bibi Netanyahu

Bibi Netanyahu was one of the first leaders to congratulate Joe Biden on his election theft.

However, Biden is not returning the favor.

Biden has yet to speak with Bibi. Jen Psaki was asked this week if it was “an intentional diss” and she said that it was not, and went on to say some version of “Israel is our greatest ally.”

This might seem confusing to some of you, but trust me, it isn’t confusing. Bibi Netanyahu is not at all in favor of the current ruling elite, or even of the neocons themselves.

Please read the longer piece I wrote earlier this week on the shift towards a global government: As Institutionalized Incompetence Grows, Biden is a Figure for the Transition Into a New World Order.

Bibi Netanyahu is effectively a part of the old Washington establishment, which is in the process of being replaced with a new system, where America will be ruled by the United Nations, billionaires and by European Bureaucrats. Netanyahu is not going to be allowed to continue to run this ultranationalist state in Israel, and that is why there is so much money behind trying to force him out of office.

As I mentioned in the above linked article, some of this money has come from George Soros. Some new leader is going to take over Israel, to bring together Israel and the Moslem world, which will allow for the establishment of a global government.

It is necessary for that global government to be formed for there to be peace between Moslems and Jews, and Netanyahu can’t do that. What they are going to do is form something that will probably be called a “Middle Eastern Union,” which will be ostensibly based on the European Union, but will actually just be “Greater Israel.”

It will all make sense when you start to see it unfolding here in the coming year.