Joe Biden Speaks of the Upcoming “Harris-Biden Administration”

Most of the Joe Biden gaffes are not meaningful. The guy just goes out there and mumbles senile gibberish every day.

However, I think referencing the “Harris-Biden Administration,” as he did on Tuesday at an event in Florida, probably is meaningful. Kamala Harris is the only person on the Biden-Harris ticket that does not have crippling dementia, thus she is the one who is presumably in charge.

Of course, in reality, a council of technocrats are in charge. The Democrats do everything by committee, and don’t really even try to hide the fact that their leaders are figureheads. But anyone looking at this, who isn’t savvy enough to understand the framework, is going to assume Harris is in charge. Further, she is likely to literally become the president very early on if the team is elected. Biden is barely holding it together right now – imagine where he’ll be in a year.

On the same day as Biden’s comment, Kamala Harris herself, appearing at a virtual event with Arizona business owners, spoke of a “Harris Administration.”

Trump commented on Biden’s Harris-Biden remark on Tuesday night, telling ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos at a town hall event: “Harris – who he, today, said ‘Harris/Biden’ because he thinks she’s president. Someday you’ll have to explain that one to me.”

Also at that event, some black bitch talked smack.