Joe Biden Says People Were Still Allowed to Mock Faggots in Public in 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2019

The virulent racist Joe Biden continues to signal to white Americans that he is the real candidate for white people.

Not only does Biden hate niggers and believe in segregation, he also is against disgusting cocksucking faggots, and says that just five years ago, it was totally cool to mock gay faggots and their disgusting lispy public behaviors.

Daily Mail:

Joe Biden told supporters on Saturday that in 2014 it would have been acceptable for a businessman to make fun of gay people in the service industry.

Although the former vice president was attempting to illustrate how far the country has come in terms of gay rights, he just dug himself deeper as he continued to plague his own campaign with gaffes.

While speaking to about 50 supporters during a fundraising event in Seattle, Washington, which took place the second to last day of Pride Month, Biden said that five years ago it was accepted for businessmen to make ‘fun of a gay waiter.’

Those at the home of public relations executive Roger Nyhu, where the event was hosted, made it clear those in the liberal city would not have condoned those type of sentiments.

‘Not in Seattle!’ attendees jeered, according to his presidential campaign pool report.

Biden tried to get back the crowd, and clarify his statement, by telling them that businessman wouldn’t be welcomed at the restaurant again.

“Today, that person would not be invited back,” the 76-year-old candidate said.

He suggested that it was widely acceptable to insult and mock homosexual people in 2014, a year before the Supreme Court ruled the defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

I don’t really know how true this is.

I assume he’s talking about in his own circles, because he’s not talking about on television. Making fun of gays on TV hasn’t really been allowed since F-R-I-E-N-D-S ended in 2004 – ten years earlier than Biden’s claim. That show was really the last hurrah of mocking homos in popular culture. If you remember, the thing was to make jokes about gays in order to normalize masturbating in another man’s anus as a completely socially acceptable thing to do. Then, once it was normalized through humor, they locked everything down and told people it was socially unacceptable to make the jokes that the Jews themselves were making just a few months earlier.

If you’ll notice, I’m doing the same thing with the Holocaust. First I hysterically mock the stupid Jewish hoax, making fun of their ridiculous claims of lampshades and soap being made from the bodies of gassed kikes. But after I’ve fully normalized mocking the Holocaust, I’m going to get super serious and start viciously persecuting anyone who says that the Holocaust is real.

Soon, people will be fired from their jobs for claiming that Jews were masturbated to death with a homicidal masturbation machine and steamed to death like clams by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Mengele.

From Stolen Soul (p. 117) by Bernard Holstein:

But we never gave in, not really; there was that one time just before liberation but other than that we were strong. We would see the boys they put on those masturbating machines just drop, just die, right there in front of us. The absolute cruelty was beyond our belief.

Anyway, I guess Joe Biden is probably getting his dates confused. I’m pretty sure you definitely were not allowed to make fun of faggots in public in most coastal urbanite locales in 2014. If I had to guess, I would estimate that this ended with F-R-I-E-N-D-S in 2004.

And Seattle might actually be more progressive than the East Coast and the television.

A typical citizen of Seattle.

But even if Biden said “back in the 1980s we could make fun of faggots as much as we wanted” – this would be true, but what would be the point of saying it? What exactly is he trying to do here?

Is he actually trying to dog whistle right-wingers?

Or is he simply senile and confused about his own agenda?

He’s already got a lot of problems with his previous positions on blacks and gays.

I could see doing this “racist, fag-bashing Democrat” spiel in the general election, but I just don’t see how he can win the primaries doing this. Even if the DNC has assured him that they’re going to make sure he wins, like they did with Hillary.

Then you have the other layer of the fact that the Democrats are not going to be able to win, even Joe Biden won’t be able to win, with the insane positions they’re now spouting. They’re literally saying they want open borders and free healthcare (and everything else) for illegal immigrants.

If I were the Democrats, I wouldn’t want to win. There isn’t really any benefit to winning. But I also wouldn’t want a “moderate” Jew shill like Biden to be the one that loses. The Democrats are losing control of their own narrative, and they risk becoming a party of brown anti-Semites. If an AOC-endorsed candidate was nominated and lost to Trump, they’d be able to say “see, we went way too far with this brown communism thing – we have to scale this back a little bit.”

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