Joe Biden Says He’s the Most Progressive 2020 Candidate

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 23, 2019

Joe Biden said he has “the most progressive record” of any 2020 candidate.

I believe him.

Groping Joe is definitely the most progressive candidate ever.


Joe Biden says he has “the most progressive record” of any Democrat running, or mulling a run, in 2020. But many progressive activists disagree.

As the former vice president inches closer to a third White House run, several moments in his long career loom as immediate political liabilities. From his vote for the Iraq war to his key role in passing a bill that made it harder for debt-ridden Americans to declare bankruptcy, Biden would have to reconcile his past with a party that’s moved to the left.

Biden leads many early polls, but his handling of those issues will determine whether that support fades in a primary fight. He is aware of his critics, using a speech last week before friendly Delaware Democrats to declare himself a progressive while also describing some of his detractors as “the new left” and defending his record. But several progressive activists are urging him to do more to address doubts about his progressive credentials by owning up to past missteps and developing a forward-looking agenda that recognizes the Democratic base’s center of gravity has shifted.

For him to actually own the label of progressive, he needs to acknowledge and reconcile that prior harm — not just in words, but by putting forth a policy agenda that’s really rooted in challenging white supremacy and economic exploitation,” said Jennifer Epps-Addison, co-executive director of the activist group Center for Popular Democracy Action.

As for Biden deeming his record progressive, she warned that “simply labeling yourself something doesn’t make it true.”

How dare them doubt his progressive credentials? Joe Biden is the single most progressive candidate.

This is not even up for debate.

Really, Joe Biden has always been pushing boundaries.

Isn’t that what progress is about? Pushing boundaries?

He’s been doing this for a long time now. He’s a professional.

He has all sorts of stories to tell because he’s lived.

He has experience.

He knows how to grab’em juuuust right.

Biden is known for pushing the rest of his party leftward on some key issues. He backed same-sex marriage in 2012 before Barack Obama did, effectively nudging the then-president into his corner on what was a politically volatile issue. He was also a lead architect of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994 and later used his perch as Obama’s vice president to advocate for sexual assault victims, particularly on college campuses.

Sen. Chris Coons, who holds the Delaware seat Biden occupied and is a close ally, said he read Biden’s “most progressive” comment as a way of championing the Obama administration’s accomplishments on health care, climate change and other fronts.

On the core issues progressives claim to care about most, Joe Biden actually has a record of leadership,” Coons said in an interview. “Anybody can give a great speech on a college campus, but actually getting things done . that’s something worth talking about and running on.”

But progressives say he’ll have more atoning to do, should he enter the 2020 race.

Progressives are telling the most progressive candidate ever that he has to up his progressive game. This will likely result in a new wave of child-groping videos.

I don’t know why they doubt his credentials. If elected, Joe would probably start by legalizing child-marriage.

Isn’t that progressive enough for these progressives?

We already had female sexual liberation some decades ago. Now it’s time to have child sexual liberation, which actually means pedophile sexual liberation. This will not only benefit Joe Biden but it will also be good for Moslems, because the Islamic age of consent is 9 years old. Stuff that is good for Moslems in America is halal because it contributes to white genocide and to the great replacement.

Voting Biden is a double win for true progressives.