Joe Biden Says He’ll Give You 100 Million Vaccinations!

What is going on with this vaccine? They’re obsessed with it!

Sneaky Joe has sworn to shoot 100 million people with it – as he forces you to wear a mask anyway!

These people are sick and they’re weird and whatever it is they’re up to is no good.

This vaccine is gene therapy. They are using it to alter your genetics. It sends in synthetic mRNA to instruct your cells on what to do.

They are already telling you they’re going to give you vaccines regularly, nonstop, from here on out. They’re saying they’re going to put an alert on your phone to tell you when to come in and get your next shots.

This means that they could start doing gene therapy on the entire population, one person at a time. They can figure out using all of your private information, which they have, what they want to do to you, and then they can do it. They just buzz your app, and you come right in to have your genes altered.

They don’t have to tell you what they’re doing. They’ll just say “oh, this is to save you from the latest strand of the deadly whatever virus.”

We need to continue to do whatever we can to keep Joe Biden out of office. If he gets in office, we need to do secession. We need to do something to stop these people from forcing a total virus regime down on all of us.