Joe Biden Says He Wants to Call Up Trump and Give Him Advice on Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2020

Joe Biden: He might not know where he is, or what the hell is going on, but he’s ready to tell you what to do in a societal collapse situation.

You knew Joe Biden was cool.

But did you know he is also such an expert on viral outbreaks that he’s qualified to advise the President of the United States on the topic?

Because I myself didn’t know that.

The Hill:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is offering to call President Trump and talk about how to best deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

The Democratic presidential front-runner has been critical of the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic through statements and virtual press conferences.

The potential correspondence was first reported by Fox News; a Biden campaign aide later confirmed the former vice president’s willingness to talk with Trump to The Hill.

Vice President Biden has been extending his advice for months, and he did so again on the air last night. As he has said repeatedly, Donald Trump is not accountable for coronavirus itself — but he is accountable for the federal government’s slow and chaotic response to this outbreak,” Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, Trump spent months after the virus was discovered disregarding repeated warnings from his scientific and intelligence experts, and downplaying the threat of this outbreak to the American people. He could have heeded Vice President Biden’s public advice not to take China’s word as they misled the world about their efforts to stop the spread,” she continued.

Joe Biden: he doesn’t know where he is or what the hell is even going on, but he’s ready to tell you how you’re supposed to manage a pandemic.

Why wouldn’t he be ready to do that?

He’s going to be president soon himself, so of course he knows what’s up with viruses and crap.