Joe Biden Rolls Deep with 85-Car Crew in Rome

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Why does this guy need 85 cars?

Does he carry his entire collection of VHS recordings of Matlock everywhere he goes?


US President Joe Biden has left many confused after he took an 85-car motorcade to his meeting with the Pope ahead of a massive summit on climate change.

On his way to meet Pope Francis on Friday, Biden traveled with a massive motorcade, caught on camera and likely extended from his usual entourage due to a Covid-19 restriction in Italy limiting the number of passengers in each vehicle. A typical motorcade for the president includes a couple dozen vehicles, plus vehicles to block traffic.

Biden led a group of about a dozen people into his meeting, and his motorcade was filled with security details as well as press who shadow and report directly on the president. It reportedly involved 85 vehicles.

Footage of the long line of gas-guzzling vehicles moving their way through the slim streets of Rome left many confused, especially since climate change is an issue the president and the Pope so often talk about. The meeting also took place ahead of a planned climate summit in Glasgow where the president was expected to tout over $500 billion in new spending on environmental programs, which is part of his larger $1.75 trillion spending package that has been stuck in Congress negotiations.

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