Joe Biden Reveals Devastating New Nickname for Donald Trump at Nickname Reveal Event

Recently, Team Trump has been calling out Joe Biden on the fact that he is a pedophile. Fake news is being spread by a network of foreign bots from Israel that support Joe Biden, however, the facts about his perverse touching of children remain in the front of the public’s mind when they see him rambling in a confused manner on television.

Many in the media have been pushing Biden to respond to Donald Trump and his people by calling them names. Biden was hesitant to do so, fearing that it would make him look even more ridiculous than he already looks.

Well, the velvet gloves have come off to reveal the iron fists of fury. Biden has officially announced his official nickname for Donald Trump in a nickname reveal event hosted via telelink. The media and the public were hesitant, but any reservations have proved unfounded as the name has proved to be nothing other than devastating: President Tweety.

“Trump was off there again tweeting again this morning,” Biden declared with masculine vigor in his strong voice. “I call him ‘President Tweety.'”

“Talk about a sick burn, this was like an acid attack,” said one person on the internet who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being mocked. “I don’t know how Trump is going to recover from being called out like that, and it really puts into perspective how petty it is for Trump’s people to attack him for molesting children.”

Indeed, when Trump Team calls Joe Biden a pedophile, all they are doing is mocking his sexual orientation, which is something he can’t change. Conversely, “President Tweety” cuts right to heart of what is so very wrong with the Trump presidency: he tweets too much.

“I don’t think the American people care about Biden’s sexuality, or that whenever he is around children he touches them all over their small bodies,” said another person from the internet. “What people care about is all of these tweets, and that he keeps posting them.”

Instead of going out there and fighting the coronavirus in the streets like President Pedophile would do, President Tweety sits in his comfortable chair and plays with his phone as the virus kills more and more, and many in America are asking if there will even be anyone alive left to vote in November.

When election day comes, and those who are still alive cast their mail-in ballots for the president, we’ll see whether serial child molestation really matters to them, or if they’re more concerned about all of these tweets being posted all the time.